Dole  Mixed Fruit 100% Fruit Juice

Dole Mixed Fruit 100% Fruit Juice

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These makes the BEST litle snacks one could ask for and their very good for you and the kids.

My son loves this! He would rather eat this over much anything else. They are easy for toddlers to pick up with their fingers or a fork when they get to that point.

Great and healthy lunch snack.

just take with u no mess no bowls and lids very nice to take anywhere for a snack and good too

I really like these fruit cups. When my husband and decided we needed to eat healthier, this is one of our go-to staples. He has to lower his cholesterol and lose weight. I'm pregnant and trying to eat better all-around. Dole has a few varieties. They've got different types of liquid that the fruit is in. I go for the fruit juice every time. Each cup has 1 gram or a little less than 1 gram of fiber. Fiber is what your body needs to regulate itself. Instead of taking pills and other medications -if you can help it- just eat more fruit. We each take at least a fruit cup to work to eat with lunch or an afternoon snack in place of that empty-calorie bag of chips. If we get busy and forget to eat it, or that's not what we felt like eating, it doesn't get bruised, like say an apple. My husband is always up for one of these. He likes them chilled. He's doing better on this diet and is happy to do it! I gave it a 4-star rating, only because I think everything could use improvement. That's just my way of looking at things. My 4-star may be your 5-star.

I love Dole fruit cups! They are the best! Not too sweet and no added sugar. I love it!

These Dole fruit cups really help keep the calorie count down while fulfilling cravings. Nutritious and low cal being packed in fruit juice instead of syrup. A tasty choice that makes you feel good about snacking!

my boys love this product! it is a quick, easy, and healthy snack. i even like it :)

Good stuff.... im always looking for something yummy and healthy for my kids and for school lunches! Its sometimes too easy just to grab the snack bag of junk food and throw it in the lunch box but with this i can give them the yummy and healthy fruit they love in an easy open cup, with no sugar added!! Im not saying i wont toss in a bag of chips or something they must have but now i can feel good that they also can get what they need from some tasty fruit!!!!

my three kids love this product, and its a healthy product, therefor mama LOVES this product!!

This product is exactly as advertised. The fruit is in its own juices and is fresh tasting. There does not have any taste of added sugar and my one year old absolutely adored it!