Shedd's Spread Country Crock

Shedd's Spread Country Crock

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This to me is not as good as real butter sticks since i do a lot of baking and use the sticks for mesuring but this butter product is super easy to spread onto toast or bread when making grilled cheeses! this product usually is a geat deal too and cheaper than sticks of butter!

This is a great tasting and easily spreadable product. It is great on toast and bread. It works for cooking, but when it melts it becomes a little watery. I prefer stick butter/margarine for cooking. I have tried all different kinds of this spread, and all are good.

I really like Country Crock. My family has always used it, it tastes great and like that it comes in a large tub so that I don't have to replace it as frequently.

I admit it, I don't want hard stick butter. I like this is always ready to spread and you don't need tons of it.

I love Country Crock spread. I put a little bit on my english muffins in the morning. I've tried the Original, With Calcium, and now I always use the Light Country Crock.

This butter is really good. It makes washing your skillets easy.

This is the butter I always buy to put on toast or biscuits nothing tastes better!

I prefer real butter but this is nice! Its the best margarine I have found and is not expensive. I would absolutely use this again and I bet its comparable to real butter for baking as well.

This butter is great. I have a tub in my fridge right now. The best butter for toast or anything else.

Used to be a favorite. Now I prefer I can't believe it's not butter. Still a go too if on sale.

We don't use a lot of margarine in our house-- butter or olive oil are our go-to oils. I never use it for baking, either. But we still usually have a small tub of country crock in the fridge for those days when you just want some toast or we're out of butter. It has a better taste than many of the other margarines.

I love Country Crock I use it to make my salted caramel chocolate chunk cookies and they come out great.

Very creamy with a good flavor. I prefer butter, but if not using butter this is definitely my go to!

Great butter. I use this product alot in my household from cooking to baking.

No need to try anything else! Long time family favorite. We've tried others (usually because of a sale or promotion), but we always come back to the flavor and quality we have enjoyed for years.