Shark Navigator Lift Away

Shark Navigator Lift Away

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Very easy to use. Light weight and picks up everything!

Shark is an amazing brand! Love every vacuum they come out with. Worth the money! Must have !

Love my Shark vacuum. I have had 3 Dyson vacuums in the past and all of them had the hose break. I have 5 dogs and vacuum every day. The Shark is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is also easy to clean.

Great vacuum cleaner but does not have the long handle bar like dyson to reach high spaces. Only down side.

One of the BEST vacuum cleaners I have ever purchased. I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for affordable dependable quality!

great vacuum cleaner well worth the money!

I bought this vacuum I Love it the best part is the wand easy to clean cobwebs or under anything very easy to use and it is not heavy I recommend this to everyone

I work at Home Depot so i tend to listen to my customers on their fave products. This always seems to be a fave.

the best vaccum ever made, i have an electrolux and a kirby they dont even compare to the shark i also own a few other shark products, the steam mop the steam pocket , they are all affordable and do everything they claim. i have now purchaced 2 more of each of these as gifts for my daughters they love them also shark is a great product

I haven't had the chance to compare the Dyson Animal and this one. I have the Dyson, and I am shopping around to find the better of the 2 machines.. I have 2 dachshunds that try to "kill" everything that has a squeaker (not just toys, shoes, the neighbors cat) the toys would be shredded, all the stuffing would be thrown everywhere.. Much like a snow-globe.. After brushing the little bits of paper and stuffing from the neighbors cats, and letting them out. Then digging the neighbors kids from the back yard.. Giving them milk and cookies.. Out comes my Dyson. Every scrap of paper, and fuzz is picked up. The hair-balls from the cats and the dirt from the boys hair gone.. The Dachshunds on the sofa making plans for the next day..! Oh I just LOVE my Dyson..! So I am looking forward to comparing..

I gave my mom my old hoover windtunnel because her vacuum broke and I thought it would be a great excuse to get a new vacuum. We honestly went through seven vacuums in two months, quite a few hoovers, two dirt devils and a dyson. All of them blew out. We did not have a padding under our carpet because it was handicap accessible and often had to clean up bird seed and shells from our conure. The last day we tried the hoover pet vac and the dirt devil, both of which blew out in the same day. After returning the dirt devil, I decided to try the only one left that we hadn't done which was the Shark. I had already vacuumed with two vacs and brought this home... I filled the canister twice just going over my living/dining and part of the hall near the kitchen. My allergies also haven't been as bad since I've been using this. I thought the dyson was suppose to be the best on the market and this clearly out-performed it. The downside is that the hose isn't as long as a traditional vacuum which I also found to be the same with the hoover pet vac. You get use to it though. It's easy to take apart, lift up and still reach with. The bulkiness of the body can be annoying to get under tight spaces and the vent is right on the front. Make sure you remove papers and small objects out of it's path because they will blow all over the place--this thing has power! I basically just had to get use to vacuuming a slightly different way, and it's honestly been for the better!

I love this vacuum!! I have 2 cats and a Black Lab/Healer mix. The hair in the house was crazy. I was tired of buying bags for my upright Electrolux and it was very heavy to push around the room. I bought the Shark Navigator Lift Away at Walmat for a very reasonable price. I like the fact that the canister lifts off for easy cleaning of walls, ceilings and curtains. It has a swivel head that makes it able to fit into tight places and around furniture. You can turn off the brush so it easily picks up debris on linolium as well as hard wood floors. The canister is easy to empty as it opens from the bottom as well as the top. The suction is amazing and even has an adjustment to decrease the suction for curtains and scatter rugs. It also has a rolling brush attachment that makes it wonderful for cleaning furniture and bedding. I have recommended this vacuum to all my family and friends. Why spend $500 for a vacuum when you can get the same results with one that costs about one third the price? Love, love, love it!!

I had a vac. that was always getting clogged with dog hair. I bought the Shark and I love it. I have had it a month and vaccum daily, it has not clogged once. ( I sweep up a mini Labadore Ret. daily.) The power is so strong that it lifts the carpet up. I also love the fact that the canaster comes off the floor attachment and makes it easy to use on stairs and when cleaning the car. I t also turns like it is on a ball, this makes it easy to get around the legs of furnature. It is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. With their 20% off coupon it makes it really reasonable in cost.