MiO  Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

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Love the taste! Definitely makes drinking water easier!

When I began drinking orange tangerine MIO, I cut way back on my soda consumption and actually lost alot of weight! And it tastes delicious

Oh my goodness, the tangerine flavor it wonderfully addictive! What a unique flavor profile for a water enhancer. I make sure to keep on eat my desk at all times!

Comes in many flavors. My husband loves them.

Portable, encourages drinking more water, two thumbs up!

I love it! I love how small it is and very convenient to have around. I also like how it has different colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it. It taste healthy and light.

I LOVE Mio! Some of the reason I love it is because it is so small. Does not take up much space in the house and allows me to buy one case of water but have a dozen options as to the flavors! Storage is simple. They are pretty cost effective and so far I like all the flavors I have tasted. Great alternative to soda.

My hubby really liked this after trying a coworkers. He loves the ice tea flavor. I tried and wasn't as impressed.


Great product to help increase your water intake. Also love that you can taylor it to your liking.

I tried the MIO lemonade and fruit punch. Now, when I drink lemon flavored water, I really want a lot of lemon flavor, but this was very weak, and had an awful after taste of artificial sweetener. I used like 1/4 of the bottle trying to get it to the right taste, but it just kept getting stronger with the taste of the sweetener. Yuck. The fruit punch flavor was a much better experience, but it tasted very salty to me. I think I'll just stick to normal water, thanks.

I love the taste of Mio Liquid Water Inhancer, it certainly improves the taste of just plain ol water, it has the right sweetness and flavor and does not add calories the flavors taste just like what the flavor is meant to be and you had adjust the strength of the flavor to your liking and this little bottle last a very long long time, I have had my Mio for about a year now and still have enough for one more water bottle, which is a big stainless steel water bottle, it's convenient and easy to take along with you, the only problem with Mio is that it is very expensive but as I mentioned last a very long time.

I bought this product because I had coupons and it was on sale. I am so glad that I tried it! I dont usually like anything that has artificial sweetners in it, but this was awesome! I now keep one in my purse to use on any occasion!

I really like these alot more than the powedered drink mixes. They taste much better. Only thing is I dont like the noise of it "sloshing" around in my purse