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  • grtmom04 By  grtmom04    

    I really like this alot. One of my favorites.

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  • londju By  londju    

    I absolutely love this fragrance, its a must have, Couldn't imagine living without it.

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  • helenallredlpc By  helenallredlpc    

    I was on my one and likely only one trip to Paris when we stumbled into the giant Sephora store. They had a 'spray girl' with this scent. I usually don't care for floral scents especially when it is multiple flowers. This scent is different and I had to have it. It is a bit strong so, go light. Otherwise, everyone will want to know what you are wearing!

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  • karigig By  karigig    

    Flowerbomb is hands down my favorite scent. It's my go to fragrance for grocery shopping to an evening out. I just can't get enough! The scent is light, feminine and sexy with a hint of the exotic. The compliments you'll receive wearing this perfume will blow your mind. Everyone loves it! Even young kids want to hug me and say "you smell so good". Love it!

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  • taylorfour By  taylorfour    

    I absolutely love this fragrance. My sil introduced me to this and I will never be without it. Its pricey but for me worth every penny. I just love ths smell and my husband loves the way that it smells on me.

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  • devon206 By  devon206    

    I love this fragrance! I first smelled this in a magazine at the doctors office. I had to go buy the magazine just so I could let my husband smell it. He surprised me a few days later with a bottle of Flowerbomb! I get so many compliments from both men and women when I wear it! Flowerbomb is the perfect mix of scents. It is light and airy, not too floral or sweet. It is the perfect perfume!

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  • Gia305 By  Gia305    

    I own a lot of the high end perfumes & I always liked them, but never in my life have I felt the way I do about Flowerbomb. It's amazing. Everyone that I know has gone berserk over this fragrance. I would never risk being without it. If I didn't know the creators names & you asked me who created it, I would say "God" There are companion products & my goal is to own them all. If several people gave me birthday gifts & they all gave me flowerbomb that would be just fine with me. I just don't know what else to say but expect to receive compliments galore! Whenever I feel down, I put a touch on & smell the bottle. It lifts my spirits immediately. Couldn't imagine living without it.

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