Nabisco Premium Original Saltines

Nabisco Premium Original Saltines

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Perfect for those bad stomach days when I can't eat anything!

Great for chili and soups! But with three pregnancies I used them in my first trimester ALOT!

These are great alone or with peanut butter on them.

I remember these crackers from when I was young. They are good crackers - great in soup.

Love these by it self, and with homemade soup!!!

These are really tasty, yet I find the cheapo brand to be just as good, sorry nabisco :( I'll still buy your cookies lol

My son likes these on top of chili and soup. I like to eat them plain or with cheese or peanut butter. They are yummy!

I won't eat these as Saltines as an adult (way too strong an association with unpleasant memories of being sick as a kid!), but my SO has to have these crumbled to top soup and chili to the point he'll make a special trip to pick these up before eating if we're all out and dinner is being served in a bowl. Try the soup recipe on the back of the box--it's now my favorite wholesome, healthy homemade soup, and SO likes it, too!

BUYING THEM FOR YEARS I DONT CHANGE THEM FOR NOTHING. I buy the two version salty and non-salty.

Awesome snack when you are sick and cannot digest a lot of food. It tastes light on the salt but still gives it a great flavor. Dip in your soups, put some peanut butter on it or eat it plain!

Need to have it for my soups and great for snaks.

These are good crackers

Love these crackers with peanut butter and jelly, cheese and with soup.

These are good crackers. Like them in soup. Make sure you ziplock as soon as they are opened.

Love these crackers! Way too addicting, though!