Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My 4 chidren LOVE these meals. They are quick and easy to heat up and serve. Its allows for a nutritious quick eat and off they go to play. The ingredients arent to appealing but if they like it and will eat it I will continue to buy it.

my family would not eat this, I usually buy Hormel chili and had high expectations of the kids macaroni and beef. The meal was very bland and tasted a little odd. After I wasn't able to get the kids to eat it, I tasted it and immediately let them throw it to the dog. I will continue to buy the Hormel chili but won't be purchasing any of the kids meals.

Love this products the kids love them and the taste of this product is wonderful. Very convenient for me due to on the go daily activities.

My niece and nephew absolutely love this! They'll ask for this for lunch so I keep some at my place whenever i watch them.

I love having these on hand for my daughter especially when we've had a very hectic day because there so quick and easy and she really loves them

I was able to buy a few of these with some coupons and a great sale. I thought I could have them around for those days when things are really busy, but still want to give the kids a hot meal. These cook in 45 seconds with a one minute stand. When I opened the meal it didn't look all that appetizing, and the smell wasn't selling it to me either, so I stirred it up and took a bite. Yuck, and yuck again after the second and third bite. It just was not doing it for me at all. My grand daughter didn't mind it and since it is for kids, it was probably more to her liking, but she didn't finish it, she ended up feeding it to our Saint Bernard. I have to say we won't be buying these again.

Great food!!

I bought these for the kids to eat for lunches during the summer and the reviews were mixed. Some liked them and some didn't. I quit buying them when I found that I wasn't agreeing with some of the ingredients. Lots of sodium and msg related substances in there. Great back up food, but I'm too health conscious about my family's diet to buy these regularly.

The kids loved it but I wasn't ashappy with it as they were. I guess it proves kids just like to eat, or at least mine. This was very easy to make the beef was flavored. I'm one to worry about sodium i dont like my kids or myself consuming alot of salt and to me it was a little on the high sodium list. However, the kids loved it and if sodium isn't a problem for you then I recomend it.

thought i would give it achance since I love pasta and beef. would not buy again.

A easy meal while wait on dinner or a late lunch

My husband actually keeps some of these in his office for fast lunches when he doesn't have a chance to go out and grab something. Really likes them, only complaint is the amount of sodium they contain.

My kids liked this better than the canned variety. Good for a quick easy lunch.

Love the idea that it is to be quick and easy but yuck. Let me just say no one in my house liked the flavoring and someone gagged due to the consistency.

Really truly disgusting. Full of preservatives and weird tasting.