Philadelphia  Cream for Cooking

Philadelphia Cream for Cooking

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Very easy to prepare and tasty as well, but so full of fat it makes me feel guilty when I cook with it and eat it. I've used the Santa Fe, Original and Garlic/Herbs flavors...the Santa Fe was a little much for me, but I really enjoy pairing the originial with green peppers, chicken, and pasta. I've gotten rave reviews on it from others when I've provided it as a ready-made dinner. I only buy it if I can get it for less than .50-$1 though, which isn't hard when it goes on sale at Publix and there's a coupon out there for it.

I absolutely love all the flavors and use them as much as I can in my cooking. They are all delicious. I dfo not find them heavy, just right.

I like the flavor but since I'm not inventive I wish they had more recipes for it. I tend to buy it and most goes bad before I can come up with something to add it to.

I tried this product and thought it was very good. The garlic and herb was what I chose and I thought it was very easy to prepare in no time at all. Great for busy moms or anyone wanting a quick meal.

It produces a nice, thick sauce. It is convenient too!

Love these. The garlic is my favorite. My kids even like it.

The garlic is great in spaghetti sauce. taste is great. not overly garlicky but gives just enough of that "little something extra" that makes it great

LOVE IT! We use cream cheese quite often and now it's been made even easier than ever to use! I've only tried the garlic and herb but will definitely be getting the others soon too!

Love all the flavors!! it is great for make instant sauces. I put the lemon and herb one in the sauce I put over shrimp and grits oh my god yum!

Love the Santa fe blend. Use it with quesadillas.

Love this product! This helps take the guess work out of the weekday "what's for dinner"!

I just tried the Santa Fe flavor and it was delicious! It had a nice kick to it. I mixed it with some shredded chicken we had leftover from the night before. It definitely livened it up. It didn't feel like we were having leftovers. I mixed it with some bow tie pasta and veggies. It would be great to use with enchiladas.

I tried this product after being picked at to host a philly cooking cream party. I made the chicken and rice with broccoli and it was so delicious! And its really inexpensive to. Love it!

LOVE IT! Has to be one of the best new products of the year. I've tried every variety and love them all. I usually use my own recipies, but they give you plenty of ideas on the label as well. This is a new staple in my fridge!

I used the Philadelphia Santa Fe Cooking Creme to create a chicken enchilada casserole. I LOVED the ease of use and satisfying result. I I used the package recipe as a jumping off point. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is busy and wants home cooked meals. I intend to use all of the variates within the next few weeks. I have posted my recipe, directions and pictures on my site at