Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

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I really do love the foam and the comb that comes with it. It makes dying your hair so much easier. You can also find coupons quite often in the local paper to save a dollar or two and sometimes they even have promotions on the websites or within the boxes. The only reason I did not give this a five star rating is because I have not yet found a good permanent dye that doesn't fade after two weeks. My hasn't been holding color very well and I find that every time I try to dye it dark brown, after about 2 weeks it has almost completely washed out and has faded to almost a dark blonde. I actually used their dark ash brown and it is now a dark ash blonde with some lighter flecks here and there. It just keeps getting lighter...

I have been using nice and easy hair color for years, so I tried the foam when it came out. I will say as in other reviews it is runny but if you read the instrustions it says to wait like right after you shake it up. I did not do that at first. Once I reread the instrctuions and folloewd them it was foam and very easy to use. The only reason I did not give the 4th star was it was kind of hard to tell where you had the dye. I loved the fact that there was enough on one bottle to dye my hair. I have VERY thick hair and when its long even using 2 bottle of dye can be puching it. I found myself wishing the foam would be done already, thats how much was in there. S o for the price if you have long thick hair you will onoly need one bottle. The price is more per, but only using one makes up for it. Over all if you read the instructions and FOLLOW them I think you will be happy with the result! I just wish they had more colors to pick from.

I was pleased with the results from Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam. This is the first foam applicator I have used so it was a different procedure. The foam came out of the pump and did not have any major issues. It definitely does stain a surface if it drips, so have a cloth handy to wipe up any spills. I'll be using the product again next time and feel that the process will be easier since I know what to expect.

I really like Ckairol color foam. Very very easy to use. Fast application. Most of all GREAT COLOR. I was a natural redhead until grays appeared. I use 6b and the color came out great. Lots of compliments,great price, its my new hair color.

As a licensed cosmetologist (for more than 20 years), I have steered clear of over the counter hair color products, until I was introduced to this product! My girlfriend got a coupon for a free one and wanted me to try it on her. I was reluctant because her hair is very dark and curly and coarse with stubborn gray but she insisted. I was more than pleasantly surprised! It processed very quickly, it covered her grays beautifully and left her hair very soft and manageable. It lasted through many more washes than I would have expected. We will continue to use this for her, and I will even try it on myself for my next tough up.

I've read so many negative reviews about this product but must disagree with them. I find it so easy to use and way easier to get overall coverage than with the non foams. I use shade number 9 and get complete gray coverage. I think Clairol may have discontinued it and am very disappointed.

Best box coloring I've used so far!