Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

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I have been dying my hair for over twenty years. So eventhough I have never used a Nice 'N Easy product before I had little reservation about it because I have used many different products over the years. I received my free coupon from Nice 'N Easy and purchased the Light Auburn color. When I started to mix and then shake it look for like an orange color but, I know from years past of dying my hair it always goes on differently so I went for it. Immediately after applying my scalp felt as though it was on fire. I have NEVER had a problem with sensitivity to a product I tried to continue with application but the longer I left it on the worse it got. I had to wash it out, This was not a sting like you might experience if you have a scratch on your scalp. This was an all over burning sensation. My mother who has been a hairdresser for over forty years was wearing gloves while applying and her hand felt the same sensation and were she had gotten some product she was left with a red rash and she was wearing gloves. And the smell was unbearable it made anyone who was in the room eyes water. My experience was so awful it it were an option I would not even give it one star. That being said, I would never recommend this to anyone.

I loved the hair color but could only give it 2 stars because the smell was absolutely horrible! I had to wash my hair right away and again the next day because the smell was so disgusting. My husband (who also never complains about the smell) said he couldn't take it and asked me to stay away. It smelled like stale beer that had been fermenting in the sun - gross! This was the first time I tried Nice n Easy - I usually use Garnier but had a good coupon for this product so gave it a try. I would never use the foam again, but would be willing to try another Clairol product to get the same color. I also found the foam runny and it stained my skin heavily.

I have been using nice and easy hair color for years, so I tried the foam when it came out. I will say as in other reviews it is runny but if you read the instrustions it says to wait like right after you shake it up. I did not do that at first. Once I reread the instrctuions and folloewd them it was foam and very easy to use. The only reason I did not give the 4th star was it was kind of hard to tell where you had the dye. I loved the fact that there was enough on one bottle to dye my hair. I have VERY thick hair and when its long even using 2 bottle of dye can be puching it. I found myself wishing the foam would be done already, thats how much was in there. S o for the price if you have long thick hair you will onoly need one bottle. The price is more per, but only using one makes up for it. Over all if you read the instructions and FOLLOW them I think you will be happy with the result! I just wish they had more colors to pick from.

I was pleased with the results from Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam. This is the first foam applicator I have used so it was a different procedure. The foam came out of the pump and did not have any major issues. It definitely does stain a surface if it drips, so have a cloth handy to wipe up any spills. I'll be using the product again next time and feel that the process will be easier since I know what to expect.

I haven't dyed my hair since the summer of last year, so I was pretty excited to be able to try out the newest hair dye out there - Nice 'n Easy Foam. The website says that it's a no drip formula, mess free and has an easy application. Along with saturating each strand of your hair completely. I personally found none of that to be true. As I'm sure you've seen on the commercials - it appears to come out like a foam but instead came out runny, watery and very messy. I couldn't tell if it was actually getting into my hair and I kept having to re shake the bottle to keep it mixed. This "drip-free" formula got over everything and stains quickly. Most hair dyes, if they drip on the floor or countertop, can be quickly wiped away clean....not this stuff - it stains! It stained the floor, a spot on the countertop, and my head!! I was starting to panic while using the Nice ' n Easy Foam because I really didn't think it was covering at all. I was trying to go a shade lighter and I've seen how bad it can turn out if you don't get it all covered! So I decided to take the cap off and just start pouring the mixture into my hands - this worked much better and I was able to get my whole head covered. Once covered, it burned a bit - but went away quickly. I was scared to wash it out to see what I might find. But, was happy to see that the color did take - and covered completely. Of course, the conditioner that came with it makes my hair feel like silk, and they have my two packets of that - that's suppose to last for two weeks. Overall, I wouldn't recommend Nice 'n Easy Foam. It was nothing like it shows on the commercial. Although, I'm happy with the end result, using it was not pleasant at all!

I was really excited to have a chance to try this product free, and I was hoping I would love it. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. For starters, this had to be the messiest formula I've ever used (and I've used a number of them). Advertising shows such a thick and luxurious looking foam, yet this was more soapy and runny than shown. Even with the gloves, I had foam running all over my wrists and dripping on the counter and floor. Second, it smelled terrible. I always expect a slight ammonia odor with any hair color, but this was so much stronger than I am used to. At one point it got so bad that I was convinced it was burning my hair. Even my husband (who never complains when I color my hair) requested that I stay out of the living room because the smell was so strong. So...after all that, I was really getting nervous about the color. I chose the Light Auburn which was closest to my current color. Upon application, the formula was a strange shade of carrot (actually closer to iodine). I waited the 25 minutes, then washed it out. My hair felt like wet straw at first, and again I was nervous that it may have burned. I did start to use the conditioner that came in the kit, but it also smelled terrible so I opted for my expensive hair masque instead which quickly softened and hydrated it back to normal. In all honesty, the only redeeming quality is the final color...I like it, and it's only a tad darker than the example on the box. I don't believe I'll be using this one again and will stick to their gel formula instead as I have always had good results with it.

I went with Medium Reddish Brown for a color. While the foam is seemingly easy to use, the main reason why I gave it 3 starts out of 4 is because it is advertised as being "drip free" and it's not. When you have the foam on your hands initially, even after shaking the bottle a lot, it's still drippy and because the solution seems to be thinner, I actually made more of a mess with this vs. a regular bottle. That being said though, the color looked really great and I would recommend the product in general to a friend.