SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

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Great to have for seltzer lovers My husband goes through so much seltzer, I love having the SodaStream to reduce the number of cans we go through! 4 of 5 stars because sometimes I spill all over.

LOVE my Soda Stream! I LOVE my Soda Stream! We drink a lot of seltzer in my house but really don't like the potential impact of all of the cans and bottles that have to be recycled. The Soda Stream makes great tasting seltzer (and you can add your own flavors) plus it does not create all of the waste that bottles or canned seltzer does.

We love our Soda Stream! It's a super easy way to make sodas without having all the sugar in it for my kids,we just mix a little bit of juice with some "bubble water" My only concern now it that's the "syrup" you mix in the water are not easy to find in my area

We got the Soda Stream at the store with the promise of making our own soda for cheaper than or at cost of sodas at the store. My husband is Diet Coke addict and I'm hoping this will save us some money. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, which is nice, so that's a good benefit. At first Walmart offered a good deal on trading in the refill cartridges, so we did that. The machin. e is easy to use, provides good carbonation, and we're pretty satisfied with the flavor of the soda. It does not taste the same as the Diet Coke my husband loves so much, but he accepts it as a substitute most of the time. Overall, we're pretty satisfied with the product

Sodastream offers the convenience of carbonating water and soda at home. My family really likes the essence available for adding to carbonated water. The soda is delicious as well and typically less calories than regular soda. The only downfall is that the refill carbonation canisters can be somewhat difficult to refill.

Buying this Sodastream fountain is a good deal if you just like sparkling water. Buying club soda at the store is not cheap, and the bottles lose their fizz if you don't consume the whole thing in one day after opening. The Soda Stream bottles do a good job of holding fizz even over a few days.We mostly use ours for plain water and add a squeeze of lemon or lime after adding the fizz. I am not super impressed with their soda flavorings.The whole device is little more than plastic housing for a CO2 tank. Be careful snapping it together because I could definitely see the plastic cracking if you are careless. Once together though, it's easy to use. Requires no plug in and it's pretty streamlined to take up little room on the counter. Wipes clean and looks OK on the counter.

I think the idea itself is great, and fun. But the flavors aren't as great as store bought sodas. I found that a few of the flavors had a weird aftertaste, but maybe that's just me. If the idea appeals to you, it's probably worth it. But I personally just stick to buying my soda from the store.

Before getting the SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker, I was an avid seltzer drinker; I was consuming upwards of a case of seltzer per week! My boyfriend graciously gave me a SodaStream for the holidays, and I adore this product. I use both tap & filtered water, and either way, I always get consistent and tasty results from the SodaStream. I have to say, it has significantly more fizz than any seltzer I've had before. I also like that you can control the amount of carbonation by pumping less CO2. Best of all, though, is the bottle that comes with the SodaStream. It keeps the seltzer from getting flat better than traditional bottles. I was able to open and reopen the same bottle for 5 days and it didn't lose its fizz.

Just got one and LOVE it! Although I think their diet cola is really too "artificial" tasting. The orange is great and the Ocean Spray is outta this world! I will for sure be putting this lil joy to some heavy use!!!

Great product saves money and good for environmen and grest flavors.

I always wanted to get a Soda Stream. I got it and love it. It is very easy to make. Kids love it. Just the flavors are little bland.

I recently recived a Soda Stream soda maker. I was so excited I have been wanting one since they came out!! I love the machine but do see a couple areas they can improve on. The first thing that I feel they could do a little better is in their flavorings they taste pretty good but we went through almost a full bottle of the cola syrup and had about half a capful and decided to go ahead and just use that much to a bottle of water well to our surprise it tasted much better and more like soda from the store. So I think that they could do a little more on the taste testing side because a few of the flavors are a little gross. Overall though once you get the measurements calibrated to your taste liking then they are pretty good. It seems like a no brainer but i'm a busy mom of five girls and get pretty busy to realize sometimes simple things LOL. The other area I believe they could improve on is the c02 cost of filling and or buying. It is about $30 for a new bottle and $15 for an exchange, well I started thinking about it and paint ball guns use c02 cartridges which you can have filled for free or more times $5. I do not think most people realize this so they are making a killing on their canisters. Those are the only two flaws I have found I do love my soda stream the ease of being able to just make a liter of soda is nice because at one time you may feel like cola and the next want sparkling flavored water. The soda stream gives you the ability to make several kinda of soda and carbonated drinks as you wish. Also their energy drink mix is an awesome deal it does taste like red bull, which at the store it is $2-$5 per can and you can get the energy drink mix for around $6 and it makes 50 servings so it makes energy drinks a real value. Also my favorite flavor is the grapefruit soda it is very refreshing and delicious.

It's easy to use but the flavored soda liquids are not all very tasty. great for club soda.

We got this about a month ago. We love it! It's the best buy in a long time. It's so easy to you and much better for your and the environment at the same time.

I love my sodastream. I bought it because I was sick of lugging around big bottles. I actually buy the syrup from Sams and mix it with the carbonated water. I did not care much for the syrups that come directly from sodastream. It takes more of the syrup to make it taste like actual fountain drink sodas than the little sodastream bottles but the effect is well worth it. I get the 3 gallon boxes and transfer it to 3 cleaned milk jugs (Arizona tea jugs work well too). Overall, I highly recommend the sodastream system.