Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant Lavender

Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant Lavender

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This is the deodorant my husband uses.

I used this product because I was having a hard time finding a good deodorant that would keep me dry and stink free. This product worked great for the first two days after that it dried out my underarms so bad that I cried from the pain! It took a week to stop the peeling and get my skin felling better.

This is my favorite deodorant because it's all natural. It works great on razor burn for your armpits and bikini lines. Great summer deodorant!

I used this product and had an allergic reaction my underarm became red inflamed and painful. I will never touch the stuff again

This friends brings me to Tom's of Maine. When considering natural options I first thought of that crystal deodorant stuff ? but after my moms awful tale (I'll stop now) there was no way I would use it even if you held a gun to my head (nothing with the name Crystal is ever worth it). Plus - Tom's is one of the three natural options carried at the Grocery I was at. So after sniffing each one a dozen times, I settled on lavender. So its safe to assume that I've smelled pretty decent for the past 15 years (with a few notable exceptions, most involving shots of whiskey, cigarettes, and of course those past times of sweaty dance nights in bars), so you can imagine my surprise when halfway through my workday Monday I discovered that... I smelled like ass. Tom's, why you gotta do me like that? No one wants to spoon up next to mothball smelling potpourri at the end of the day.