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  • dumbstack By  dumbstack    

    You will not want to stop watching this show. The cast is great, the storyline is always exciting and everything is well thought out.

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  • mixed75 By  mixed75    

    I am always tuning in to watch Bones. Interesting story lines and love the chemistry bewteen the characters

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  • birdwhisperer By  birdwhisperer    

    Love this show! I love the chemistry between Booth and Bones! Love all the cast members and have watched it since it first came on!

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  • larry72 By  larry72    

    lover the romance and mystery

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  • cloerg By  cloerg    

    I absolutely love this show!!!! I could watch reruns all day long!! Plus Booth and Hodgins!! yummy!!!

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  • meggyreap By  meggyreap    

    This is one of the shows my mother and I watch every week, it has really progressed well though out the seasons. My mom who read the books this is based off said it's extremely different from the books in a good way. It's a great show that really knows how to pull at the heart strings.

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  • AnitaJax By  AnitaJax    

    Engaging characters creatively use scientific method to solve murders. Compelling long and short story arcs.

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  • beca24 By  beca24    

    just starting watching the show on netflix and cant stop, the show is so good.

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  • genna110011 By  genna110011    

    one of my favorite shows, the story line is keeping me hooked!

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  • Cynthia11 By  Cynthia11    

    I Love this show! I sit there and try to solve the murder right there along side them. I never miss a show!

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  • tphuong By  tphuong    

    LOVE the show! One of my favorite ever!!

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Another show I watch all the reruns. I am so addicted. It is serious but light hearted.

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  • mags3_luvs By  mags3_luvs    

    I am addicted! Love this show.

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  • Pinkpurplehaze By  Pinkpurplehaze    

    I have seen every episode at least twice. This is one of the few shows everyone can agree to watch. To me it's already a classic like MASH was to my parents.

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  • Kimie104 By  Kimie104    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, awesome characters, plots, and drama. You are sure to be intrigued.

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