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  • Anaiml47 By  Anaiml47    

    This is my go to foundation, I love it so much I've been using it for years, it's liquid but it dries to be like an air brush finish it's very blendable and when it dries you can reapply more if you need more coverage they also have a wide range of different shades so you can find your perfect match

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  • enchantae By  enchantae    

    This is my favorite foundation when I'm wanting full coverage. I am very pale and it's the only foundation I've found that can match perfectly to my skin tone. It has a very silky smooth finish and makes my skin look flawless!

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  • dawnabelair29 By  dawnabelair29    

    Easy to build up

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    They have the perfect colors and blend well.

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  • Brandy29 By  Brandy29    

    Love this foundation. Can't see no uneven skin. Don't have to couture. Just 123 and I'm out the door.

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  • Southernbellexo By  Southernbellexo    

    I did not like this foundation at all, you could tell my makeup was thick and cake. I looked disgusting.

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  • mixed75 By  mixed75    

    This product did not work well for me. It had medium coverage and matched my skin tone. However, I have oily skin and it would make my skin extra oily in a couple of hours. Good foundation just not for my oily skin

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  • keepgoingkat By  keepgoingkat    

    I replaced my expensive department store foundation with this. I have olive skin and it matches perfectly.

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  • LilMermaidLaney By  LilMermaidLaney    

    I am a big believer in foundation. I have tried everything from drugstore brands to top notch makeup. Here's how I feel: Price: Too expensive for what you are getting. Blending: This product does a lot to tell you that it is your skin's "perfect match". To achieve this, you pretty much have to be spot-on your skin tone or you will get the wrong color. Overall: I feel like L'Oreal took a hit on this one...they made a big deal about a product that is not as good and/or comparable to some cheaper products.

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  • elzbthcrlsn By  elzbthcrlsn    

    The best foundation I have so far. I started using this when it first came out and I still use it. I like to switch up my foundations from drugstore to high end but I seem to find myself comparing every foundation that I use to this one. It's lightweight, blends easily and it's not drying at all. It's about medium coverage but it's also buildable which is always nice to have. They also have a great shade range and they separated them by undertones which is awesome. I myself am very fair but I have a neutral undertone so I always go for the lightest shade in foundation but it's always too pink for me. This foundation allows me to not have to worry if it will be too pink and since I have some rosacea in my face, it comforts me knowing that I don't always have to worry about looking red.

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  • nananut By  nananut    

    Its perfect!

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  • Explorer52 By  Explorer52    

    Great foundation. It blends well into my skin, smooth application. Medium coverage and lightweight. I use it mostly to even out my skin tone. Has a variety of colors.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Great Foundation that matches skintone very well. it is lightweight and covers the face very well. easy to apply and absorbs on skin.

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  • Ally89 By  Ally89    

    I am a makeup artist and in combination with the typical professional staples I have been using this foundation for the past year.I have some hyper-pigmentation on my chin and around my nose,This foundation covers well and though my discoloration is on the mild side I have tried it on tough to cover black acne scars on my clients and models.It does tend to go shiny after several hours if not set with powder,so it is not super long wearing. I do love the blending properties of this product,for a drugstore brand this is a wonderful option and there are so many skin tones and shades to choose from.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Provides great coverage, and comes in a variety of colors. They are sure to have a match for any color skin. I love this foundation.

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