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  • sarahburgess By  sarahburgess    

    dont get this it burns your head when dying

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  • brandynicolesmith1996 By  brandynicolesmith1996    

    I have used their hair care products several times. I died my hair last summer professionally. I wanted to keep it up though so, I bought the Auburn from Revlon's colorsilk. It is a really pretty red shade. It's a very natural red color. I wanted to go for the ginger look because I am very pale, and have freckles so I pulled it off well. I had been looking for a light reddish brown color. I can only find it online, and it costs too much. In Walmart it's only about $3.48 without taxes. It's very cheap for a good quality hair dye.

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  • RebeccaMsMingle By  RebeccaMsMingle    

    The price is right, the product works and I talk about it all the time! What I like about it is the long line of choices.

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  • princessmochi By  princessmochi    

    I would totally recommend this product! I had always dyed my hair since I was 15 so this product was my first :) talk about lots of variety colors to choose from. Whatever color you want to achieve, you will 100% get it! I had tried different colors and it works great from blonde to black, black to blonde or brown. Its not also too harsh on your hair especially if you have a thin hair like mine. Just make sure you also maintain it with conditioning to soften your hair because coloring your hair tend to dry it as well.

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  • birdwhisperer By  birdwhisperer    

    This is one of two brands that I use. I love the price and love the colors.

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  • velvetred By  velvetred    

    This is the cheapest drugstore haircolor that effectively covers grey, and actually does not ruin and dry out my hair. I have tried almost every shade that this product comes in. Since I have naturally dark hair, the darker shades work best for me. If you're like me, never use the blonde shades on its own because it will make your hair orange. I'm doing this review based on my experiences using shades darker than number 60. It is true to the color on the box AFTER A FEW WASHES. It is true to color you use a shade that is only one or two shades within your natural shade. For example, if you have dark brown hair, shades of black to medium brown dye will give you a result like the one in the box. If you use black, brown black, or dark brown, the initial result is black. However, their real color will show up eventually. The lightest shades of brown made my black hair turn medium brown. And since my hair pulls red, I always use the one with the word "ash" in it (number 50). It produces a lovely natural medium brown. I use only this hair dye. I've tried more expensive drugstore brands but they either made my hair dry or made me dizzy from the smell of the ammonia.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    Awesome color selection for an awesome value. Easily the least expensive brand on the shelf, but it is a great quality product. My teens use it often.

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  • SoSewMama By  SoSewMama    

    I use the Chestnut on my hair. It's a wonderful color, and my favorite brown yet. I recently found it and I am never going back to any other. It's super cheap at Walmart. I think I have gotten it for under $3 each time. My only complaint is it doesn't last long before fading. It's not a problem for me though. 3 weeks+ is great for any dye.

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  • bubbles1121 By  bubbles1121    

    I used the golden brown shade of this product on my straight black hair and it worked wonderfully. Granted I did have to use two boxes of it since I have really long hair but I kept it on for about 25 minutes and my hair comes our dark to medium brown with golden undertones. This is the one I use for dying my hair completely, while I use another brand for highlights. It doesnt smell too harsh and the box has easy to use instructions, although the gloves are much too large so I use my own. I usually need to touch up the roots in about three months so this box is my go-to color.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Im a blonde and this is wat helped my hair get to the platinum color it is, my hair feels so soft afterwards I love this pproduct

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  • luvthecards1 By  luvthecards1    

    I always get compliments when using this brand. I mix Lt Golden Brown & Lt Auburn and use the developer. I was using a different brand & "sensitive" scalp developer. But my scalp started itching and I went back to the Colorsilk. My hair looks natural and my scalp doesn't itch. I love this product!! I've tried them all & this brand always proves to be the best!

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  • bobbiebay By  bobbiebay    

    this the best do it your self hair color and it make my hair shine

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  • ffxgirl1 By  ffxgirl1    

    This is a great product because it is inexpensive and it really works. It has a natural, shiny color after dying, and lasts a good long time. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  • FleurDeLiz89 By  FleurDeLiz89    

    The most cheapest hair dye that I know of and every time that I use it my hair looks healthier and feels softer.

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  • Emlynn By  Emlynn    

    This is the BEST hair color ever,I been using this product for years and never a disappointment! I will continue to use this for years to come! Even my 18 year old daughter loves it!

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