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  • speace782 By  speace782    

    I love Mary Kay Satin Lips. The best time to apply is in the evening before going to sleep because the lip balm last for 8 hours. When you wake up your lips will still be satiny smooth and the balm will still be where it was when you went to sleep. The mask helps to peel away the dead skin. Chapstick is applied on top of this layer instead of actually moisturizing. After using the mask the balm is then able to moisturize your lips and not the layer of dead skin. Highly recommended.

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  • trueblue91652747 By  trueblue91652747    

    Mary Kay Satin Lips is an awesome product. I love the way it feels after using it. My lips stay pretty dry most of the time and the exfoliating helps to remove the dry skin. The lip balm is amazing! I find the two step treatment to be a very good fit for my needs.

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  • kandimc By  kandimc    

    Like other MK products I find this flawless

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  • kellymc05 By  kellymc05    

    This is one of my favorite MK products. This is a must have to banish flaky dry winter lips. I love the lip balm so much I bought an extra to keep in my purse.

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  • gwenparrish By  gwenparrish    

    I actually love this product!! I use it weekly and would recommend it to anyone with chapped lips. The mask does a great job exfloiating my lips and the "balm" keeps my lips smooth for hours. I only have to re-apply a couple times a day!

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  • Jlnlb11 By  Jlnlb11    

    One of my favorite products.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I really like this product. I use it at night and wake up with super soft lips. I have been using it for a few years and find it really helps keep my lips looking and feeling moisturized.

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  • purrrplej By  purrrplej    

    This is definitely not one of Mary Kay's better products. In fact, my lips feel WORSE and drier after using it. It consists of an exfoliating agent and a balm that is supposed to deeply moisturize your lips for something like six hours. However, as I stated, it seems to do more harm than good for me. Definitely not worth the money. You're better off with plain old Chapstick.

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