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  • mlumetta By  mlumetta    

    I love this scent. It is fresh smelling, anyone women can wear it and lit last all day!

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    D&G Light blue is a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent. Fresh notes of lime and cedar. I like the sent but the only thing I dislike is, that the sent disappears fast! P.S.: D&G Light Blue is a light summer Fragrance!

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    This smells amazing on ANYONE. It's bright and piercing in a great way to the nose.

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  • Kislam97 By  Kislam97    

    I received this as a gift, and I love it. It has a light and lemony smell, and its long lasting.

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  • jhebert By  jhebert    

    LOVE this scent. It is very light but pleasing. Not too strong but lasts all day long.

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  • LauraMcoffin By  LauraMcoffin    

    My husband bought me this for Christmas last year, I begged for it, for years! It's my go perfume, best perfume EVER!

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  • leeleebb By  leeleebb    

    I live this perfume. I first discovered it in a magazine (so long ago I can't remember which one). It is light without being too florally. Not a big fan of sweet and floral. I find it to be versatile and use it for every type of occassion.

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  • Harleymom26 By  Harleymom26    

    It's not bad, my husband really likes it. It is kind of citrusy..

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  • marienate By  marienate    

    nice and good smell. i love using it..planning to buy another one to give for my mom and i know she will like it too

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  • srdutchdiva By  srdutchdiva    

    This perfume smells great and it stays on for a long time without you having to spray it again. I love this one!

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  • PrincessV By  PrincessV    

    Originally at the store it smelt good, brought it home and used it for the first time and my boyfriend did not like it at all. Ended up returning it. Not for everyone. Perfumes are often a tricky buy, one minute you fall in love all the sudden you fall out of love.

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    Love the long lasting light fresh smooth scent! Some perfumes are harsh and overpowering, this one isn't one of those. Worth the money. Try it if you haven't you wont regret it.

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  • JeriAZcardFAN711 By  JeriAZcardFAN711    

    This is my favorite perfume, I wear it pretty much every day. It has a light citrus scent, it's clean and fresh like walking through a lemon grove. There simply isn't another perfume like it. I love a light scent that isn't over powering. I get headaches easily from heavy scents and this one is perfect. In a class all it's own.

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  • Jinny-Joanna By  Jinny-Joanna    

    perfect and classic

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  • Sibsib718 By  Sibsib718    

    One of my many favorite perfumes, not too strong but soft enough of a scent that lasts all day and smells so good! It's worth the price, even if it's expensive and a little goes a long way.

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