Starbucks Via Flavored Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks Via Flavored Ready Brew Coffee

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This instant blend of finely ground coffee and instant granules is great for travel. No more terrible hotel room coffee...just carry it in your "go bag" and use hot water! Great product from Starbucks!

This was not what i expected. Just like mommaknows i was hoping for the flavor from Starbucks. I did not care for this much at all. I tried the Vanilla and i think i still have the remaining in my pantry after trying one. I'm sure they're expired by now, ready to be thrown out.

I loved this, I bought it on clearance, just awesome tasting, but the regular price is just too much for me.

Starbucks is my go to brand! I love to bring these to class. It really makes physics bearable at 8am

I take these camping, add it to hot water and ready to go in a few minutes!

If these were not so expensive, I would have them stocked in my desk drawer at work. I have the caramel flavor at home for those days when I don't have any cold brewed coffee left in the fridge. I have not found any other instant coffees that compare.

I like to have several flavors on hand for company as we are not coffee drinkers!

These are great for traveling! i always make sure to have some in my suitcase for those coffee emergencies. I LOVE the caramel iced coffee version. Definitely great for a fast pick me up.

I buy these for my boyfriend who loves to take them when he goes to school or work and doesn't have time to make coffee.

I clicked on this product because ironically, I have a cup of Vanilla Via sitting next to me right now! :)
Although I don't like nor drink regular instant coffee (it tastes like beef bouillon to me) I tried the VIA brand when Starbucks were handing them out as samples in their coffee shops about a year or two ago. I found they tasted better than our 'office' coffee so I kept a stash in my desk drawer. Now, I keep the flavored Via on hand at home not for drinking hot - but for iced coffee.
I fill my mug with crushed ice, brew one Keurig k-cup of bold coffee, add Via Vanilla and 1 Splenda packet or a dash of Torani's Vanilla flavoring along with about 1/4 c milk or half and half.
*NOTE* - The vanilla does have 13 grams of sugar.

I am not too impress with these flavored instant coffee. I was actually disappointed, not what I expected, I thought it would taste like the coffee brewed at Starbucks. The one I tried was the mocha flavor, too sweet for me, barely no taste of coffee. :(

The perfect on the go coffee! I use these when backpacking and it is truly the best instant coffee you'll find. Now...if only the price would go down a little, I have a very hard time paying $1 per cup of instant coffee.

Best instant coffee ever!!

Excellent instant, travel mug never been happier.

I keep a stock of these things and love to try the new flavors! They're perfect hot or you can add ice and cream to make a cold coffee beverage. I seriously use these nearly every day. It's my splurge :) The only one that I'm not crazy about is the Caramel. I love the Mocha.