Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

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Great Product! I have 3 full size warmers and a plug in. My favorite sent is Hazlenut Latte. YUM. Each warmer puts off a good amount of scent that lasts. I like how the warmer stays cool to the touch, and the wax doesnt get boiling hot. The designs of the warmers are nice, and can be proudly displayed, not hidden.

I have three Scentsys. I love them! No black residue like regular candles.

While they do sell similar items at the store, the Scentsy scents smell so much better!! I order these religiously!

They are a little pricy but great products. I have bouht this and the ones at Walmart and I go through the cheap ones twice as fast so they even out in the end. I have them in every room.

I purchased two Scentsy warmers after seeing them at one of my friends house. I usually have one on in my house at all times! As of late I have preferred my bathroom plug in warmer but I usually keep a different scent in each to suit my mood. The warmers can run a little pricey but the quality is much higher than the knock off versions sold at Wal-Mart. I usually save my Scentsy wax melts for special occasions and buy the knock off wax melts at Target to save myself a little bit of money. The Scentsy brand wax melts are much higher quality and they scents are better/last longer. My only real complaint is that I find the Scentsy warmers extremely difficult to clean....maybe its just me lol.

A bit pricey, but they smell amazing

I love secntcy wax and their warmers , they're long lasting also they look great in my home.

I got my first Scentsy nightlight plug-in at Mayfest and picked three scents. It was one of the best wickless candles I have used. It heats by a lightbulb and the wax never gets as hot as any other brand. The scents are STRONG and last a good amount of time. I have since went to the State Fair and bought the fll size warmer and more scents. It works wonderfully and has some great scents.

Love this item! Love this item! Have them everywhere in my home! Great at making the house smell amazing! Only issue I have is how expensive they are! Other than that they are perfect!

I really like scentsy burners and the many scents they offer. I love that its a wickless candle because i have a 4 yr old and safety comes first! The scents are amazing! One of my favorites is maple butter, its a sweet but wonderful scent that made me want to give scentsy a shot in the first place. I do admit that it can be a bit pricey but a long as you have a burner there are many places you can buy wax bars that are cheaper than through the actual company. I feel that if you like a scent, it doesnt need the scentsy seal.

I like these, I especially like the plug in type. They have a big selection of scents.

I've had my scentsy warmers for about 4 years now and I think they are great, I have one one everyday. My only complaint is that now that the products are mass produced instead of hand mixed the fragrance does not last as long. I turn my warmers on first think in the morning and turn them off when I go to bed in the evening, the first scents I purchased would last for two to three days, now I'm lucky if I get half a day out of some scents. I do love the variety of scents, and even when they discontinue my favorites they manage to replace it with a new scent that quicky becomes my new favorite.

I love that this product does not have an open flame like a candle for pet and child saftey issues. One scentsy plugged into the wall fills my kitchen and living room with beautiful aromas! The fragrance is long lasting therefore a great value. Be careful with melted product over carpet...can be tricky to get the wax if it spills due to curious fingers or moving the Scentsy around while warm.

had a scentsy, and unfortunately we ruined it buy buying better homes and gardens refills for it. apparently they arent the same type of product and the wax leaked through and stained our white counters at the time.

well i kinda think the way you have to by these kinds of things is a pyramid and not really a good salers. as far as parducts goes.... i really really like sents and the strengths. that something they have over candles and and other wax paddys. and i really really love my burnner my sister found an out of print onfor me. but the down side is , i don't really feel like the sents last nearly as long as they claim and its kinda price to burn use it up like that. i mean i guess it would be good for large space becouse the smell is strong, but i have a small space it over powering then gone,