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  • Break_the_rules By  Break_the_rules    

    Amazing! I love how it pulls everything together! I have sensitive skin and the natural ingredients dont make my skin break out! It is also nice how lightweight it is and it doesnt make me feel like im wearing fifty pounds of makeup on my face! I also love the anti-spill cap so i p doesnt leak all over my purse and makeup bag! It looks so natural and get tons of compliments on how perfect my skin looks when I wear it! I also like the matte version because the mineral veil isnt sparkly (i do like soarkes but not all over my face!) or dewy and looks really natual! Overall a great product

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    I am currently using this product and I love it because it hides ALMOST all my imperfections and most of the time I even forget that I have makeup on

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  • MalificientOne By  MalificientOne    

    THis is a fantastic NON IRRITATIVE foundation. It stays Matte all day and looks good on. The major down side is that it makes a mess if you are not careful applying and that if your skin is not good to begin with you will need with multiple layers or other products to cover blemishes.

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  • jkelly821 By  jkelly821    

    This is my favorite mineral powder. I feel better knowing that the ingredients are natural. I also appreciate the buildable coverage that this powder can provide. I have used this mineral foundation for years, as I suffer from acne and need a foundation that is strong enough to cover up my marks and scars. I literally have walked by the cosmetic counters in the malls and had those women tell me that I have beautiful skin. I know that bare minerals has given me the ability to come off this way. Without make-up on, my skin texture is bumpy and discolored. For as long as they make this, I will buy it. You cannot put a price on being able to walk out of the house confidently.

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    I purchased this and hope it wills matte out my oil t zone. It does work but it is messy. I used my powder brush and tap off the excess powder it went everywhere. The good thing about this product is it matte out my t zone. My face feels soft and not drying. It doesn?t cake and make your face feel heavy. It covers nicely and doesn?t clog my pores.

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  • Jaguar111 By  Jaguar111    

    I'm a big fan of BE's products, I own more than I care to admit actually. I still the the powder but I have been pairing it up with MUF's matte liquid. I don't see myself ever NOT using BE it's been my go to for years..

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    I LOVE this stuff. they FINALLY made a shade that matches me AND I dont look oily for hours at all. thank you b.e.!! I tried the original formula first and did not like it at all.. but now that they have this, i will be buying this stuff as long as they make it!!

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  • blossoms By  blossoms    

    I really like how natural this looks when I apply it on! I have also noticed that a little bit goes a long way when using this foundation. Using a moisturizer helped a lot and helped my face from drying. Also, I have noticed that if I used a primer underneath, the color was distributed more evenly, and did not look blotchy!

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  • Amb2290 By  Amb2290    

    I liked this better than other mineral powders it has quality, however I did wish they had a full coverage powder. I have a lot of acne to hide but for me it did not feel heavy or cake like.

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  • LouisianaSouthernBelle By  LouisianaSouthernBelle    

    I absolutely love this product. I have been using it since I was 15 and I'm now 20. I am obsessed with this foundation and I don't mind spending $28 dollars for it either. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything when it's on. Color matched my skin perfectly which normally it's very difficult to find makeup that matches my skin tone.

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  • Sam_Sarah By  Sam_Sarah    

    It's a great mineral make up. I really like the new matte version. I have sensitive skin, so I don't have to worry about it clogging my pores. It's lightweight which is nice because I don't like the feel of anything on my face. I also love the new click closure so it doesn't spill in the cap when I throw it in my bag:)

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  • iDachs By  iDachs    

    OMG this is the best mineral foundation I have tried and it's so much better than the original..!!!

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  • AprilClemmons By  AprilClemmons    

    Love this mineral foundation. It leaves my skin looking and feeling soft, not too dry like some powders. It also doesn't go on too thick like a liquid, and covers nicely. Have been using it for a few years now.

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  • rivasmom By  rivasmom    


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  • suchitra1925 By  suchitra1925    

    My one of the must have ...i love Bare escentuals product line ...suits my skin perfectly .

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