Sharpie Fine Point Pen

Sharpie Fine Point Pen

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I home school, so these pens are lifesavers. They are easy to use and help label everything. I like them a lot.

I love to use it to draw with. Very fine and precise.

I like the these pens for writing labels for storage items. Sharpie products are the ones that I go to for marking.

This is one thing I use all the time. SO glad that it is now a smaller/slimmer. I can use it on everything!

No better pen for nurses who write physician orders! Never any smears!

I got a 2 pack of these pens the other day when I was shopping for school supplies, because I am a huge fan of Sharpie markers and wanted to try out their pens. I have been very impressed so far! The biggest bonus to me is that although I have a habit of leaving the cover off, the pen is not having issues writing or drying out.

I really love sharpies, I love the way the ink flows out of these pens. I also like the way this pen feels in my hand, it is big enough that it feels comfortable.

I'm a huge Sharpie fan. I love the fine point for labeling file folders, name tags, all kinds of organizational things. I actually have a pencil box full of Sharpies in all point sizes. I guess I'm a Sharpie addict!

sharpies are a favorite around house, any kind and any color, when we find any new sharpie we buy them, gotta love the sharpie!!

My husband loves these, they are perfect for his work as he writes on tiny labels on tubes and plates. He couldn't live without them!

great pen use them all the time for my kids school projects

I love these pens! Oddly enough I was thinking of these pens while writing a review on another set of pens. These, along with G2 are my top favs!!! So glad "She Speaks," put these two up for review!

only problem I have with these is making sure they don't disappear, Sharpie's of any kind are sought after in my house lol.

Love em, Love em. My favorite pens. They are the best for filling in blanks (like doctor's ofc forms) that are too-small and require a fine line. Only problem, the cap can come off easily and get lost in your purse. Still my faves.

I bought the variety pack Sharpie fine point pens (Black, Blue, Green & Red) thinking that they were just a fine point permanent marker. Little did I realize that they trully are a pen! All 4 colors work great and don't bleed through the paper! I use them for all of my greeting cards and the kids enjoy using them as well. So far, the tip hasn't bent at all. The cap to the pen fits securely and can be attached to the top of the pen while in use. The only design change that I would make for this pen is to make a 'clickable' version of it.