Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

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I love these, but they actually come in more flavors than are available in my region. I wish I had access to more of those flavors. The microbake method works well to get a crispy end product more quickly.

I liked it and it filled me up (for a short while) but the bread got harder than I like...but I'd buy it again if it were on sale.

I did not like them...they taste like un fresh and just weird....did not like the cheese either

good, but too expensive for something i can toss together myself in 5 minutes

This is another product you will always find in my freezer~ We love the product and there is plenty of toppings including sauce on this product! I am very picky on the sauce on everything. This pizza is great as a dinner or just a snack!

These are one of my favorites especially when i'm feeling lazy! I generally buy the delux but haven't met a kind i didn't like ;0) The only down fall is that they take too long to cook (approx 30 min) (OK OK so i'm impatient and to see and smell it cooking makes me want to eat it right away) so i microwave for a couple of minutes and put it in the nuwave oven so that it stays nice and crispy (cuts down the time by over half). It tastes good and is an easy meal.

Is always fulfilling and has lots of crunch.

I love these pizzas, one of the better frozen pizzas. Basically anything that has the Stouffers name on it is good.

I love these and my kids have them as snacks after school. I only wish they didn't have so many preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I am not so much a fan but my boyfriend loves these. He could eat them everyday. I did see a different kind I may try maybe it would be better then the ones I have tried in the past.

I love these. Great for when you don't want to have to make dinner but don't want to leave the house either.

Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas are great. My favorite is the cheese. It is very garlic-y but I like it. (Others may not like my breath after I eat it.) I like that you can stick it in the microwave, take it out and the crust is actually crispy. Very tasty!

I love ANYTHING Stouffers!!! For some reason the taste has great quality. I agree with it being easy to burn your mouth but sometimes its so worth it hahaha.

My boyfriend & I love these! The two-pack is perfect for us and they are quick and yummy when we are working late! He likes the pepperoni and I prefer the white with garlic, but we always compromise!

I love stouffers french bread pizzas (any toppings) the best out of all other pre-frozen pizzas ,because whether you put them in the oven or microwave the crust is still crispy (not soggy like most) plus, they all have a great sauce,and the toppings always look and taste fresh. (high-quality pizza)