Cheerios Multigrain

Cheerios Multigrain

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My favorite Cheerios on the shelf! I enjoy that they are healthy, but still slightly sweet. Perfect for someone who doesn't like the overly sweet cereals that are out there.

So good My 4 year old loves Multigrain cheerios! I love that they are healthier than many other cereals with just a touch of sweet.

Love this variety of Cheerios Plain Cheerios are good, don't get me wrong, but I actually prefer the taste of the multigrain Cheerios. There's a fairly slight difference in taste from regular Cheerios and to me, the multigrain Cheerios taste a tiny bit sweeter (maybe because of the different grains used, I don't know). These aren't filled with sugar, however, so I'd sooner buy these than many other cereals with 13 grams of sugar per serving.

Yummy and Healthy My son and I eat these a lot they are surprisingly good. They are great with milk or alone and a healthy between meals snack. I recommend these to everyone young and old with or without teeth because they are very easily dissolved in your mouth. Its like yummy and healthy had a baby and this product was born.

I really enjoyed these and so did my daughter. I love the Multigrain cheerios.

Quite Tasty I have no idea why I like these so much but I just do. I don't even add sugar to this cereal. I even put a handful in a ziplock bag with me for a snack.

Tastes Great I really enjoy this cereal. It has a great taste with a low amount of added sugars compared to other cereals.

Multigrain Cheerios are probably the best Cheerios out there. It has different colors but it is natural. It is not too plain like the regular Cheerios. I don't have to add honey to them to be able to eat it. It doesn't make me feel bad after I eat them. I can eat them with or without milk. They are just good. Sometimes the Multigrain ones goes on sale more than the others so that is a plus. Over all a nice cereal staple.

By far my favorite Cheerios! So good for you while still tasting wonderful! I will eat them by the handful.

My granddaughter and I love these! She's only 11 months but she already says yum when I show her the box.

Love these and have a hint of sweetness to them! Me and my kids love these!!!

This is a great cereal if you have a picky eater. My daughter is 4 and she is super had to please food wise. But for some reason she loves this and I love that its healthy and nutritious. All around it has my mom vote.

They are OK, not really a taste that will impress, but all together fine!

multigrain cheerios are very good and even my picky 6 year old really likes it!!

multigrain cheerios are very good and even my picky 6 year old really likes it!!