Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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Only drink diet beverages. One of my favorites. Great taste, refreshing.

Has an ok taste. Wish it didn't have that awful after taste.

Diet Coke is my soda of choice and I really enjoy the flavor. I have been drinking it for a few years new and also enjoy the Diet cherry coke as well.

I love soda and my favorite brand is coke. Diet coke has changed a little but I still love the taste.

Diet coke is my favorite beverage. I can not go a day without it! It is the only soda I drink.

Diet Coke is delicious! I love that it's not too sweet, and calorie free.

Diet coke is okay it tastes well with junk fast food! haha. I love diet pepsi the best. I love the cherry version!

I really like drinking coke products. The diet coke doesn't leave a bad after taste like the others.

I am not a huge fan of diet sodas! I do believe that they aren't very good for you and besides the difference in sugar levels, Diet Coke still has the acidity levels and carbonation as a regular Coke does - all of which are not good for you for a number of reasons and last but not least, the amount of sodium in Diet Coke is not preferable either in my opinion.

I am mixed. I feel that diet products have a bit of aftertaste. I do love the bubbly aspect and flavor of diet coke but the artificial sugar I believe ruins the great taste we all love. Natural should replace the artificial in this case in order for me to try out again

Bad aftertaste do not like this product

I don't like diet Coke. It tastes like chemicals. If im going to have soda I prefer having the real one ( non diet kind ) this way It taste better. I just have it less.

Years ago diet coke was good. I think the recipe had changed. After taste is not appealing.

the taste of the artificial sweetener is too overwhelming. I don't like any beverages that I can taste the artificial sweeteners in. if I'm going to drink a diet soda I'd rather drink Pepsi max because the artificial sweetener can't be tasted.

I have Type One Diabetes, so I've been drinking diet sodas my whole life, and diet coke was always my favorite. It's fun to have a can sometimes, but since it contains aspartame(an unhealthy artificial sweetener), I've been trying to avoid it more. I like the taste and the memories of it, but the fact that it could be hurting my body ruins it sometimes