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  • kirte23 By  kirte23    

    my favorite water. it taste like water unlike some other brands are salty. this water is thee best

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I'm sipping on this water as I speak! I love getting this healthy water! I love it when there can be sales for packs too. The downfall about these bottles is they can leak!! It's happened a few times and I've seen leaked packs at the stores. They don't make the bottles strong enough if it get's set down too hard they can get holes in them. I've dealt with this issue a few times. :/

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  • abundance1228 By  abundance1228    

    Its rated B by the EWG and taste good. Better than tap and inexpensinve. Good alternative for those who dont own a purifier.

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  • boomette By  boomette    

    I think its a great water and me and my family drink it often

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  • alexissnider By  alexissnider    

    Guaranteed the best bottled water that there is. After having such bad water in my area, I have jumped on the bandwagon and purchased bottles of it. It is so good too!

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  • cpnllworth By  cpnllworth    

    Personally my bottled water of choice is zephyrhills however Nestle is a good alternative when my fave is unavailable.

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  • honestlyaveri By  honestlyaveri    

    It's cheap so I buy it for most parties and school events. The problem is the quality is average. Don't buy it if you want fancy bottled water. Speaking from expierence, be careful about leaving it in the car in the heat. After I opened the package, they all tasted like plastic! Not a good thing! I had to go buy more!

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    This product is good, only giving it three stars because buying bottled water is an economical waste of money and bad for the environment. Our family has recently switched to a filter system in our home

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  • JilldeTrabajos By  JilldeTrabajos    

    Stop paying for bottled tap water. That is all this is...Nestle uses tap water. It is wasteful, harmful to the environment, and downright silly when it's easy to find all manner of reusable water bottles.

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  • Cuppycakes123 By  Cuppycakes123    

    This brand is good for the price but does not go above and beyond the average for bottled water.

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  • Njs4evergirl By  Njs4evergirl    

    I love drinking purified water I hated drinking it for the longest time I don't exactly remember why but now I try to drink more . Drinking water is very important it not only keeps your body hydrated but its also what most of your body is made up of. It helps do a lot but did you know it can also help with hair growth?

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  • keniamarquezantelo By  keniamarquezantelo    

    It is affordable and the water is great. I love the bottles they come in. Best water.

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  • CSeabaugh By  CSeabaugh    

    Best tasting bottled water with the best price.

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  • flossyBe By  flossyBe    

    Water is what I chose ti drink I tend to stay away from the soda

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  • kellithrasher1 By  kellithrasher1    

    It's water! In a bottle! It all tastes the same, unless the plastic starts to taste funk, like some brands. This one, doesn't.

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