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I love love my kindle. Not having to fret where all my books will be shelved is great. Having all of my books wherever I go is magical. Getting the books I want to read for free, on specials or half off the listed price makes me want to break out in dance. Getting to borrow books from my library on the kindle has made me a little less in debt.

Between the three users in our family, our Kindle is rarely turned off. Considering which model to add to the family, next. :) We love the accessibility to so many books in one place, and storage of them in such a small space can't be beat!

Oh how I love my Kindle! I am never without a book to read!!

I have had my kindle for over two years. I actually have anxiety when I misplace it!! The battery life is still strong, stays charged for about two weeks (as long as you aren't 'wireless'), I have over 200 books and haven't even made a dent in the memory. I bring it to the beach, out by the pool, to the park - all the outside reading that I love. You can't do that with the nook! or the iPad. One thing I do highly recommend is to invest in a case - keeps the sand away :)

Dealing with a chronic illness which both weakens my wrists and impairs my eyesight, the Kindle was a godsend for me. It's so lightweight--one hand is all you need! And it is easier on my eyes than a computer screen (not to mention there's no glare when outside!) I like to listen to audiobooks on it when I'm traveling back and forth to home from college, and I've found a lot of my textbooks for a decent price on the Kindle instead of having to lug them around, which is more of a hassle on my wrists. I can also keep all my notes and highlights in one place, which means LESS PAPER!

I really love my Kindle! You can download books for less than a paper version would cost and once you do you can do so much with it. Such as: put it in a category like, fiction, or after you're done reading it you can put it into a category and call it "books I've read" or something like that. While reading you can search for the meaning of a word by putting the cursor at the front of the word and the meaning comes up at the bottom. You can enlarge the letters for instances when you don't want to wear your glasses. The Kindle keeps track of where you are in the book so that when you open it you are right where you left off. You can take notes, and even have the book read to you (although the voice doesn't use inflection or pause at all of the right times, but it comes in handy when you're doing the dishes). Not all books have this capability though. I especially like that I can have multiple books with me without having the weight and bulk of carrying the paper version. And with the Kindle you can read it outside in bright light, which comes in handy when at the beach or just reading outside.

I love my Kindle and would not trade it in (or up) for anything! It is perfect for traveling. And because I spend a lot of time in the sun and at the beach, the no-glare screen makes it preferable to anything else out there. Amazon has the largest collection of e-books and it is easy to covert other kinds of e-books to Kindle's format. It fit's in my purse and goes where I go. You can't beat the price. And when my first Kindle got little tiny cracks, Amazon replaced it for free with no hassle whatever.

I LOVE my Kindle. I have arthritis in my hands, and it's hard to hold a book open. The Kindle is light and easy to hold. And now, I can get library books on it! Awesome! I also love that you can adjust the font size - I can read even while I'm coloring my hair, and don't need to get my glasses gooped up. Also, the dictionary feature is a quick spoiler - when I do read a regular book, I almost start pushing buttons when I get to a word that I'm not sure on its meaning!

My kindle is one of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten. I love the ability to be able to buy a book when I want from where I want. If reading a book from a series, no more waiting until the next day to go to the bookstore to buy the next book after completing the current one. I can simply, with one click, purchase any book available in Kindle format. Not to mention, I can get many cookbooks for my kindle. There are games to be played as well as a calendar app to use all in one piece of equipment.

I have had the Kindle ($79) since Christmas and love that I am able to read much more often that I had been. The only problem I have had with it is I had to relearn how to hold the book since it is much smaller then the average book and my fingers weren't where they needed to be to turn the page. But since the Kindle is so light that it doesn't matter how you hold it, your hands will never get tired. Amazon has so many free books to choose from I already have over 400 books on my Kindle. It's like having my own personal library that it is hard for me to pick which book to read next. I love that I am able to borrow books from the public library as well. Having the Kindle will save me money and space by not having to store all the physical books.

I received my Kindle as a gift from my son. I am an avid reader and I have been surprised at how much I love my Kindle. I thought that I was a hardcore "gotta have a REAL book in my hand" kind of girl but the Kindle won me over. I love the Wi-Fi feature! It is so easy to transfer books and manage my content. I have even discovered that my local library will allow me to check-out the kindle version of books when they are available.

I love my Kindle with 3G WIFI It is a wonderful product! I have soooo many books that I have been able to read via Amazon for free in a variety of genres and the costs for e-books are reasonable as well! There is something for every price range! :) I also enjoy that when my internet service through my apartment building isn't working; I can go on my Kindle through the experimental portion and access my email and Facebook. I have really been pleased with this wonderful gift I was given last Christmas! :) I highly recommend to give as a gift or to purchase for yourself! :)

I love my kindle, I wish I had more time to read it, but other than that I have no complaints. I have gotten a ton of free books and will never get them all read so I am excited.

Got my Kindle over a year ago, and love it. Travels so well, battery lasts a long time (if you keep it off wi-fi when you don't need it. Would definitely highly recommend it. HOWEVER, before you buy the basic one, check out the new one that is more like a tablet. I have an iPad already, but for a new purchaser without an iPad or other tablet -- I say go get one!

I bought one of these for my boyfriend last Christmas and have ended up "borrowing" it a few times myself. I was one of the skeptics, since I love paper books, but it really is a nice product! The best part is that you can buy books on demand, so you don't need to make a trip to the store or wait for a book to be shipped to you. Plus there are several free titles to choose from! We are purchasing one for my mother and his mother this year!