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  • PinkTexasChick By  PinkTexasChick    

    I bought this foundation after running out of L'Oreal True Match foundation. I was looking for one with a pump and came across this one. I tried it and liked and althought it does not give full coverage, it is buildable and that is always a plus. There is a tiny bit of shimmer and it was never enough to bother me or be quite obvious on my face. I've read reviews where it bothered some women but it was no biggie to me. Although I honestly don't see why it needs any shimmer at all. I have a very oily face and I don't believe there is a foundation that exists for my oily face but this one held up well. The colors can be a little tricky so be sure to study those well before purchasing. I actually had to combine 06 & 08 to match my skin perfectly.

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  • nikkycruise By  nikkycruise    

    The Revlon PhotoReady is a good product, in my view to persons who have little or no scarring and definitely no open pores. Firstly, this product does provide medium coverage and does help with my yellow skin undertone but the shimmer was not very wise since it highlights those open pores especially in the sunlight! With regard to stay power, it lasted longer on my sister who has dry skin with no open pores whereas I have oily skin, open pores and minimal scarring. After I wore it, it melted very quickly and began to look "caky" after I applied powder. It sank into my pores by mid afternoon and I was forced to wash it off since it began to highlight my flaws. This foundation was a bit expensive for me since I live in the Caribbean and Revlon products are considered high end. The bottle and pump is easy to use but a little messy. I would recommend this foundation for persons with dry skin who does not have open pores.

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  • HelloRaquel By  HelloRaquel    

    This foundation is really nice. It has a gorgeous dewy finish and an extensive range of shades for all skin tones. However, I have dry patches and large pores in some areas and this foundation is very thick so it sinks into and magnifies those areas (which sucks). I also have a love-hate relationship with the not-so-subtle sparkles in this makeup. In certain lighting you can end up looking like a Twilight vamp in the sun. Nice formula and color, but big sparkles and heaviness.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I like this foundation

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  • Sandram By  Sandram    

    My daughter uses this,she loves it.

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  • caseyfleagle By  caseyfleagle    

    I really like this foundation. It is a little too dewy for my taste, but after I apply my transparent neutrogena shine powder, it works very well. It holds nicely and doesn't get flaky or gross later on in the day.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    yuck. it was too dewy and it made my pores feel clogged. I tried this bcuz i would love to look "photo ready" everyday and because i already use & love the revlon colorstay foundation. plus this stuff looked like I hadn't even put makeup on half way thru the day... took it back for a refund a week later..

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  • Colesmama09 By  Colesmama09    

    Revlon's Photo Ready foundation is the only foundation I will now use. I love how light it feels, but gives great coverage. I also love how it makes my skin shimmery and it looks great with bronzer.

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  • whitewolf_07 By  whitewolf_07    

    I like this mascara. More product for the amount of money you spend. I do wish it was a bit more matte but I must admit I love the shimmer in it. Also allows for good application of blush, bronzer etc.

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  • swizzle By  swizzle    

    I honestly watched a youtube video on this foundation. I was ify but i just decided to buy it. It honestly is one of the best but make sure you get a shade or two darker.. they come very very light.

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  • stat68 By  stat68    

    I bought this product in the compact formula, hoping for more coverage than the Bare Esscentuals that I've used for 10 years now. I was really excited to use it so I rushed right home and put it on right away. I'm very fair but I bought one shade darker than I thought I might need since it's spring and I knew my skin tone would get darker. When I put it on and stood back to look I was shocked! I looked like a corpse! My skin was dry and chalky looking and I don't have dry skin! The mineral powder that I have been wearing didn't make me look that parched! It accentuated all my lines. I'm very disappointed. I will be returning it tomorrow and trying the liquid instead.

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  • gravewithaview By  gravewithaview    

    I love this product! Although I had to buy it a shade darker because they didnt have one light enough for me, It is a great foundation. It provides full coverate but it doesnt cake on. Despite the shimmer, it looks very natural. Id give this foundation a 9/10!

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  • XxkmbvxX By  XxkmbvxX    

    This product personally for me is amazing. It gives me all the coverage i need. I do have to use some concealers but other then that, I love this product. I reach for it everytime I put my makeup on. If you look closely it does have some shimmer to it, but when you set your foundation with a powder you can't even see the shimmer. I love the fact that it's a drugstore foundation and it has a pump. That's a huge plus for this product. Just pure amazing.

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  • bethbr00tality By  bethbr00tality    

    I LOVE this!! I have it in Nude for the summer (when I'm tan) & Vanilla for the rest of the time. When I'm in between, I can just blend it as needed for that day. This foundation had me going back & forth for a while, but after using it in my tutorials and seeing it's effects in my photos / videos, I LOOOOVE it. I definitely recommend it. It's worth every penny. If it's too shimmery for you, top it off with a mattifying powder. It seems much more shimmery than it actually is. People aren't an inch away from your face, after all (.. right?).

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  • Outgoing1 By  Outgoing1    

    I used to wear Estee Lauder foundation and Revlon's Photo Ready foundation blows this away! I wear the color Naked, and it's great for light to medium skin shades with excellent coverage. It's light weight and blends beautifully. Easy to layer bronzers and blush without looking theatrical. Love it!

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