Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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Sinful colors has a great line to choose from. Very vibrant colors. An shine. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

I am never disappointed in this brand!!! I can always find a color to go with my outfits. They even have glitter, metallic, and gel. Great polis at a fantastic price

Willing to try this brand of nail polish. The colors look sharp and brilliant.

I am always trying out the latest nail polish and colors. This is one brand that I love. The price is just right and they always have beautiful colors.

I like the formula. I didn't care for the color NP energetic red as it was too red. I do recommend the formula. It goes on nice and only takes 1 or 2 coats. I did get a purple one that I just love the color. Check out my U tube channel, ravercat4

I love this polish, it comes in a variety of colors and is a real affordable price. I like that I can paint my nails and they will not chip for days,

This brand is great because they have tons of color options and the price is great. The nail polish doesn't smell harsh at all. Only negative is that for me it took a couple of coats to get the color I liked which meant longer drying time but nothing to terrible.

My absolutely favorite brand of nail polish! I like to paint my nails several times a week, and for the price that this polish runs I can buy it in every color. It lasts for several days without chipping, goes on smooth, and the colors are vibrant. Every time I wear a Sinful Colors polish I get complimented. Great job Sinful Colors!

I have sooo many of these polishes! I find the color shades to be similar of O.P.I and there's so many different shades to pick from. The price is super cheap usually $1.99 (unheard of for nail polish) It seems to last like your typical polish maybe 5 days with a top coat. I would recommend this to all my fellow polish junkies!! :)

This product has a wide variety of colors, sadly it does not last long unless a clear top-coat is put on after the intial coating of color.

This product is awesome. I love how it goes on so smoothly and I also like the fact there are so many colors to choose from. I really enjoy the colors. They offer colors so many other brands do not offer. The best aspect? There are at drugstores under $2. :-) Great product! Keep them coming.

Love this color! Had to wear it for a wedding and now its one of my favorite. Quick to dry and really nice tone.

I got to give this nail polish big props! For the price, it cannot be beat. It glides on effortlessly and wears really well. The colors are all trendy too. Get yourself a bottle and give it a try.

I have a lot of these polishes, in many different colors and I like them! A lot of the shades last longer, without chipping than some of the Essie or Orly polishes I have.

There are great polishes, they are pretty inexpensive and they come in a great variety of colors which is great. The only problem with these are they do chip fairly quick. But beggars can't be choosers!