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  • JDucl1982 By  JDucl1982    

    Since I got these as a sample in the mail months ago, I have been hooked! I've always loved Wheat Thins and have bought them on and off for years when I had a craving for something salty yet somewhat on the healthier side. However, I've recently come across a newer flavor that Wheat Thins has put out - Sundried Tomato & Basil. This loaded-with-flavor variety of Wheat Thins is by far one of the best cracker flavors I have ever tried. I eat them alone (and eat a whole box in one sitting!), I dip them in cottage cheese for a snack, and sometimes I make super mini pizzas by topping them with tomato sauce and shredded cheese and heating them in the microwave. The only downside to these is that they can be a bit too salty or have too much seasoning on some crackers. If they offered a low sodium variety or a low fat variety of these, then that would really make them better. However, they are so good that I could ultimately eat a whole box within a day or two, therefore I can't always keep them around or I would eat them all the time.


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