Kleenex  Hand Towels

Kleenex Hand Towels

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These are really wasteful. In a time when we are really being encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle: these couldn't be any further from achieveing that. A regular cloth hand towel is a lot let wasteful, a little nicer for guests and less costly. If you wash your hand towels frequently then there shouldn't be much to worry about germ wise and have separate ones for kids and so on. Let's please stop adding to the landfills because we all know these are not even biodegradable. These are definitely targeted for germ feared people. Stick with cloth hand towels!

These Kleenex Bath towels are soft. I found them to be a little small. They were too small to dry either my hands or my husbands hands. I ended up using them to wash off make up for which they were the perfect size. The kids ended up using them as paper towels. This is a good idea but needs some tweaking. I also found them to be a bit pricey with awkward packaging.

Another great product by Kleenex. I use the hand towels in my spare bathroom, that way guests will not ruin my fancy towels.

I really like these, we keep them in the office to use on everything.

I have not tried these yet is the price reasonable . Considering it is Kleenex brand I am sure they are very awesome.

I Love these things, I have them all over the place. Kitchen, Car, Bathroom... they are soft enough to use for cleaning off makeup too. Perfectly sized, and durable. Although I also am not sure if I can afford to keep them on hand forever.

I really love the quality and the softness of the Kleenex Bath towels. They are extremely soft and durable. They absorb moisture when drying wet hands. They are a nice size and they are even softened enough when using for cleaning your face. My only concern about this product is that they are a little pricey but other than that they are very useful and handy.