Starbucks  VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

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Yes! Finally Starbucks came up with good, dark, instant coffee. I am a fan of the darker roasts - bold, bitter, earthy - and this coffee meets my needs. It's less expensive than buying a cup everyday, and on those mornings when I only want one or two cups of coffee, I don't worry about setting up the coffee maker, grinding beans, measuring, waiting.... This is hot water and go. The other instant coffees on the market are all really light or medium roasts, and they just aren't bold enough. Thank you, Starbucks!!

I actually really like this. Its great for the mid afternoon when all you want is one cup. I really like the flavor.

Starbucks is my favorite coffee--and now an instant version that I can carry in my pocket or my purse. For my birthday this year, I included a via packet in the favors...the restaurant couldn't make coffee so I asked them to boil water and had my guests open the favors and pull out the via packets. We all enjoyed coffee with the cake!

These are lifesavers. When I find myself in a situation where I have no access to coffee (GASP!) I can pop one of these in hot water and wah lah! Coffee. Surprisingly good coffee too! especially for instant.

Perfect for people on the go. Not as great as actual pot made coffee but doesn't lack that much on taste. Decently priced and with the different varieties it comes in, is great for any coffee drinker.

Excellent taste, smooth quick and simple, I try Starbucks Ready Brew instant coffee packs and they were just simply delicious. And I have been buying Starbucks instant coffee packs for the last two-month now. They are rich in flavor. They taste like the coffee has been fresh brewed. There is no aftertaste. It is not bitter. It makes a delicious cup of coffee every time because it is premeasured. I have one little concern about this product and that it is a bit pricey but other than that it is delicious.

Better than any instant I've tried. Still tastes instant. I found the Italian the best of the Via. Will do in a pinch but I prefer brewed.

It doesnt taste like instant coffee which is great, but it is too bitter, but I guess if its bold, its bitter.

I've had a few of these, they are decent for instant coffee! I still prefer the actual pot of coffee, but this will definitely pass the test when pressed!

I always take this along on a trip, that way I have access to a great cup of coffee no matter where I am.

The Starbucks Via Ready Brew Bold was very good. It mixed in readily when I made a cold mocha type dairy beverage with it. Many instant coffees will not mix well in cold milk. The coffee flavor was in-your-face full-on strong! It didn't taste bitter to me, but I don't drink coffee straight. I always use instant coffee to make cold mocha. I really liked the Via Ready Brew, and headed to the supermarket with the $1 coupon included with the sample. However, upon seeing the high price for the Starbucks Via, I decided Nescafe instant will work just fine for less than 1/3 the price. I would recommend Starbucks Via for the quality, taste, and convenience to friends and family, but I would warn them about the sticker shock price.

i got a sample of this in the mail a few month and i really liked it. Then i saw the price when i looked at at getting some for my desk at work or at home. Wow. out of my budget! Plust the sticks are small like other brands. You need at least two to make a cup of coffee. Not sure how many just drink 6oz. But if i had a decent coupon i would get some.

Taste great for an instant coffee it is really nice to have when traveling and i will buy it for that purpose.

I cannot remember which flavor I like of these, but there is only one. The others are just a bit off to me. They are much more like a brewed coffee than other instant brands, which I appreciate. I still have trouble paying this much for instant coffee though, especially since you can get straight brewed coffee from a cafe so cheaply.

Starbucks is by far my favorite coffee and everything else pales in comparison. However, I thought the Via was way too strong and bitter at first. I have tried the Folgers instant coffee too and had the same problem with it. But, if I use less coffee to more water regardless of the brand, I like it much better. Via is a far better taste than the Folgers instant coffeeand I love the option of making Starbucks coffee in seconds on those days that the baby doesn't give me time to make the regular Starbucks!