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  • steviemae By  steviemae    

    Love love love this movie. Follows the books sooo well. Vampires are my favorite and this is one of my new favorite vampire movies.

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  • tseigler By  tseigler    

    I can't say enough about this series of books. They are awesome and the movies tell the story so well. The story just keeps getting better and better and seeing it on the screen brings out a feeling inside of you that I can't explain. I'll be sad when the last installment of Breaking Dawn is out.

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  • laurag8707 By  laurag8707    

    This is by far the best Twilight movie yet to date. I really enjoyed this movie and can not wait to see what Breaking Dawn will have to offer.

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  • shweetie72 By  shweetie72    

    Okay this movie was great and when I can buy it on dvd I will

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  • summerbreeze72 By  summerbreeze72    

    Best movie yet!!!! even my husband liked it LOL Go Team Jacob!!!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    I loved this movie i can't wait til breaking dawn comes out.

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  • sturkie1 By  sturkie1    

    I love this saga and I love love love this movie.

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  • dahlia08 By  dahlia08    

    the best movie ive ever seen. no joke. im a huge twilight fan. read all the books. ive seen the first two movies and this is by far the best movie of them all. alot of action. i will def. see it again and jacob all the way!

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  • Parrothead By  Parrothead    

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the third installment in the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. This is the best movie in the series by far, with lots more light-hearted humor in addition to the great chemistry between Edward and Bella. I'm Team Edward, but this movie made me see the light of Team Jacob! Certainly not Oscar-worthy, but very enjoyable. Will see it again...and probably again....

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