Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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my kids love nuggets and these ones are the best thing to having white meat that does not taste fake.

LOVE that the are all white meat AND that there is the whole wheat variety to make it even healthier! My son LOVES these and now requests that we buy them and is disappointed if we get another brand.

The chicken nuggets tasted great they don't disappoint when it comes to taste. But I must say they are pricey for the number of chicken nuggets that come in a bag. If it weren't for price I would purchase Perdue more often

My kids have tried all different kinds of chicken nuggest and these are the only chicken nuggets my boys will eat.

Very good and tasty much better than I expected!!!

I have the pickiest child around. These are one of maybe 10 things he eats. Real chicken and fresh.

These chicken nuggets were very expensive, but since they had a buy one get one free sale and I had coupons to make them even cheaper, I bought them. When I made them, and sat the kids down to eat, they both refused to eat them. My 22 month old, even spit them on the floor, and my kids are avid chicken nugget eaters! I then tried them and realized they were very dry, and had no flavor. My hubby didn't care for them much either! Ah well!

I wasn't able to find the plain chicken nuggest at my store, so I purchased the bourbon flavored nuggets and the chicken tenders strips. My son refused to eat either option. My husband liked both types. The bourbon nuggets made a quick and easy meal, along with a side of rice and veggie. The chicken strips were awful! I was really disappointed with the texture of the meat and flavor. I doubt I'll be buying these products again. I'd like to note that the blue silicon tray that came in the mail caused such a terrible odor when I used it that I was concerned about it's toxicity, so I will not use it again. I've had other silicon baking pieces that did not have a chemical odor when used, so I'm not sure what was wrong with this one.

My kids enjoyed these nuggets. Compared to the others the nuggets had more of a consistancy to them and they were not rubbery like others are.

Very yummy. My kids love them. I even find them quite tasty.

Yummy chicken nuggets!!! My kids LOVED these! I have to tell you, even I liked them! Easy to prepare for quick meals!

This product was great, it tasted good for being so all natural and my son really enjoyed it.

I tried these chicken nuggets. They tasted good. I was supposed to get a free box, but the coupon didn't cover the whole cost of what the grocery was charging for them. I thought they were too expensive for chicken nuggets.

My Kids love Chicken Nuggets & after the first bag did not ask for them again. I liked the fact that they were easy & quick but they just didn't have a good taste to them. We do use the Blue Microwave plate that came in mail. So that was the best part! Won't be buying these again.

They were pretty good and actually we use them as a quick chicken salad dinner!