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  • freebiesndeals By  freebiesndeals    

    This is a really good brownie mix. Very moist and delicious, only downfall is that you have to make such a small pan. I normally make my own brownies but these are good when you don't want to make them from scratch.

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  • Helenkayhawk By  Helenkayhawk    

    These are definitely our family's favorite brownies. They are a 'go to' item for many pot lucks and other last minute events. Try cutting off 5-10 minutes of baking time to avoid any hard as bricks consequences. They make great brownie ice cream sandwiches.

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  • Deemariexo By  Deemariexo    

    Absolutely my favorite brownies!!! After using other brands in the past, these are the only brownies I will make now!

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  • lindseyrgs By  lindseyrgs    

    These are so yummy and so moist! Even the most amateur baker won't mess these up! Try them with some vanilla ice cream.

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  • vnarcisse By  vnarcisse    

    Delectably moist brownies. Easy to bake and sweet. It has just the right amount of chocolate and remains moist after a few days.

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  • karlalovesismael By  karlalovesismael    

    Wow! Delicious! I want one now ! Just added to my list!,,

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  • niferr By  niferr    

    This is my BOX! My family loves these brownies! THey are moist, thick, chewy and full of chocolate chunks! I might even use the triple chocolate, but these are by far the best brownies in the business!

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  • Barbice By  Barbice    

    Anything that says double chocolate can't be bad! Seriously, this is so smooth!

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  • amandaplzzz By  amandaplzzz    

    Ugh, I wasn't a fan of this type of brownie when I bought them. It was too chocolatey and not at all cakey or fudgey. . They also got very hard as soon as we took them out of the oven.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! We used this to make brownie sundaes for Easter and everyone raved about how moist and delicious they were! My family now request brownie sundaes whenever they come to dinner!

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  • kboroday By  kboroday    

    Every time I make this the chocolate brownies turn out so so yummy! One of my few favorite brands. The chocolate is rich and the brownies are always gooey and chewy.. very very yummy! :)

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    I wish I could give these a good rating as a ton of other people did, but I can't. I was craving brownies, went to the store, saw these and thought Omgosh I have to have them! Boy, I was wrong after I took my first bite. Yuck. Bitter, dark chocolate, flat, but for a positive note they were gooey and chewy. Guess I'll stick to my regular brand. Meh (If I, by chance, confused these with another flavor Ghirardelli might have, sorry, I had no clue. I only tried these Ghirardelli brownies once and won't again.)

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  • mrsdawson322 By  mrsdawson322    

    These were amazing! They are the best boxed brownies I have ever made. My husband even loved them and he is not a sweets person.

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    Rich and delicious, especially for chocolate lovers.

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  • mespeaks99 By  mespeaks99    

    This is my favorite brownie mix. There are chocolate chips right in the mix that makes it over the top delicious. I think these are better than homemade brownies. This is the only brand of brownies I buy now.

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