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  • katiemwebb katiemwebb

    These are my absolute favorite brownies! So rich and moist, and the best flavor out of any mix I have tried. Love all of them! I especially love that I can find them at Costco in packs of 3!

  • mystienyght mystienyght

    I wish I could give these a good rating as a ton of other people did, but I can't. I was craving brownies, went to the store, saw these and thought Omgosh I have to have them! Boy, I was wrong after I took my first bite. Yuck. Bitter, dark chocolate, flat, but for a positive note they were gooey and chewy. Guess I'll stick to my regular brand. Meh (If I, by chance, confused these with another flavor Ghirardelli might have, sorry, I had no clue. I only tried these Ghirardelli brownies once and won't again.)

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  • MissBabble By  MissBabble    

    Sinfully Delicious

    To be honest one of the most delicious brownies I've ever made! Just the smell of them, when they're ready to come out of the oven, makes my mouth water. My son absolutely loves them and so does the rest of the family. Very Addicting.


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