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  • jbrobeck By  jbrobeck    

    China Glaze consistently puts out collections that are fun, different, and unique. I appreciate that they try to think outside the box, even if those collections don't work out! For the reviewer that mentioned throwing away their bottle of Flip Flop Fantasy, I wish they hadn't. I have worn FFF on my toes for over a month before it chipped. Preventing chipping is all about finding the right base coat and top coat for your body chemistry. And yes, the formula is a PITA due to the large amount of neon pigment... Which is what we all love about the polish!

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  • ashleymichele By  ashleymichele    

    I really like this nail polish. They use it at the salon that I get my nails done at. It goes on smooth, lasts for a long time, and comes in a huge variety of colors.

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  • supermous By  supermous    

    This is a great nail polish! It comes in a good variety of colors as well. From what I have tried with it, the stuff is pretty heavy duty and the polish wears for a nice length of time.

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  • BaByG1516 By  BaByG1516    

    The nail Polish is a beautiful color and nice texture but it takes it a while to come off your nail and if your not doing it right it can damage your nail because you don't have the right kind of nail polish remover to get it off with. It's also durable on nails and it doesn't chip on the first day when you put it on.

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  • Kaylee5734 By  Kaylee5734    

    I love China Glaze! They are a very good brand and the colors are really pretty and last a long time!

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  • princessmochi By  princessmochi    

    Great brand! so many beautiful colors to choose from. Formula is good, you do not have to apply a lot of the product so that it wont chips easily and colors last long.

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  • turtlesaver By  turtlesaver    

    China Glaze is a great brand! Try out all the latest nail trends at dirt cheap prices!

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  • Linzie By  Linzie    

    I love all the colors this brand has you can find almost any color you want with them. The polish is a perfect consistency. It needs 3 coats but worth it. It doesn't chip easily and last a long time.

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    I like China glaze and all of their colors. However I have the prettiest summer color in "flip flop fantasy", and it chips everywhere after the second day. You also have to put at least 3 coats on. I've tried all kinds of top and base coats on it because I really wanted to like it but I had to throw it away :(.

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  • MsParentguru By  MsParentguru    

    I like China glaze because they have a variety of colors and the polish goes on easily.

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  • Meganelewin By  Meganelewin    

    I love the variety of colors they have to offer! This is a great product and I definitely recommend you to try it!

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  • nguyentracey By  nguyentracey    

    I like this nail polish, goes on perfect.

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  • AshleyG By  AshleyG    

    My friend bought some China Glaze nail polish and I love it! Very nice color and durability but it's hard to remove with nail polish remover, it takes forever for me to get it off!

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  • SBBAmy By  SBBAmy    

    I love China Glaze polishes, they apply great and have good wear time. I love the little collections that they come out with throughout the year. It's a little bit expensive for me though, so I usually purchase when they are on sale. Such a wide variety to choose from.

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  • kittypickles2 By  kittypickles2    

    Very inexpensive and formula is so good. I love the different kinds of colors they have. Such a good nail polish

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