Biore  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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Partially promising.It was somewhat "cleansing",but nothing special in particular.3( ***'s )for you Biore.

Wow the results are great I love it

each person has to have this product

I use it about once a week and the results are great and long lasting, it makes you feel clean and pretty!

These strips work 50% of the time. Either they're great and visibly unclog pores or they just dry out and rip off my skin without ever seeing any improvement in my pores. I would definitely moisturize afterwards so your skin doesn't dry out and end up producing more sebum that will clog your pores and I would also steam your face prior to using the Biore strips so that your pores are more open and more susceptible to the unclogging.

These work some days more so then other days.. I guess it all depends on how open your pores are.. Getting out of the shower and then using them likely works a lot better then using them right away. They are easy to use and you can see the little blackheads on the paper, once removed. They definitely work. A little pricey but you pay for quality.

i like it

After reading so many amazing reviews online I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately they did nothing for me ;( very disappointing

My husband loves the Biore deep pore cleansing strips. He suffers from blackheads and this is instrumental at keeping them under control. They can be a bit drying but that's why everyone should use a good moisturizer. Excellent product as they do exactly what they claim to do. Just take a look at the strip after use, the proof is quite visible.


I'm not going to lie I used to LOVE these strips. However, moving out and gaining bills rendered me unable to afford a, what is it now $8 box of strips? While looking online i have found that the exact same results may be achieved with an egg white and some tissue for pennies! I'm not saying don't buy the product if you have the money, it is a great product, the value is my problem. (Also the egg white does not cause nearly as much drying and irritation.)

These are really great at unclogging pores. Don't bother with the knock offs!

Love it, but these all the time

Love love love biore. It is amazing how great it works each time. I don't use it three times a week, I use it only once because it does so well but my two daughters do use it more and they love the results. We also tried the forehead and chin product but that is not a problem area.

it dry out my skin a bit but it made it feel really nice