Biore  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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This product is good...I have used it several times with good results and would recommend to friends.

I received this sample through a magazine subscription so I wasn't as eager to try it because the thought of peeling a sticker that has been on my face for 10-15 minutes isn't a pleasing thing to consider but I wanted to see if it actually worked. It worked but I wasn't thoroughly impressed because I thought I would have seen more 'guck' than what was actually on the strip. It was painful to remove even with the suggestion of wetting the strip and soon after removal, my nose was irritated, red, and itchy. I gave it a 3 because it did work and not every one is going to have some type of irritation.

Fabulous! I have horrible black heads on my nose :/ I use these about once or twice a week to get rid of them. I usually steam my face and then apply the strips, wait til it hardens and voila no more black heads! Try this product if you have clogged pores or black heads, it will change your life!

I love using these little strips. They really do remove blackheads and show you all the dirt in your face!

These work some days more so then other days.. I guess it all depends on how open your pores are.. Getting out of the shower and then using them likely works a lot better then using them right away. They are easy to use and you can see the little blackheads on the paper, once removed. They definitely work. A little pricey but you pay for quality.

I love these strips. However, the price is what usually keeps me from getting them as often as I would like. They really help with the blackheads on my nose.

I use it about once a week and the results are great and long lasting, it makes you feel clean and pretty!

They can be tricky to get on really well to maximize usage, but when you get it right and take it off, it is shocking what you will see. It's always nice to know that is what I just got out of my large pores.

Although the price Isn't great, they did an ok job worked for me.

Ive been using these for a while and really like them. Just be sure not to leave them on too long or it may hurt a little more when you take them off.

Great product! Although it does not get all blackheads it still worked for me!

Works good at removing blackheads from my pores. Easy to use. Don't like the price

These are nice. They definitely get a lot of the gunk out of my nose (face strips as well when used) they pull out everything? No but they do well enough that I keep purchasing them for myself and my three teens! I think we each use one once a week or two...whenever we can remember!

Rounding up to 4 stars even though i would give it 3.5. Does a fairly good job, but is expensive and it seems like it doesn't do really deep cleaning. For me, it works a lot better on my nose, and not so well on the forehead or chin.

Can take a little getting use to but as long as you follow directions, those blackheads will be gone! You can see everything that has left your pores to be reassured.