Martha Stewart Everyday Food

Martha Stewart Everyday Food

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In my mind I am a head chef, notice I said in my mind... But with Martha's cookbook my mind becomes a reality...

I love Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. I agree that the cookbook parallels the magazine. I love the creative but simple and fast recipes. It injects some flavor and zip into your everyday cooking.

Love this!! Lots of great recipes and lots of them are easy. This is a must have!!

Martha is a kitchen queen all of her recipes are awesome but some are not so easy, This new line of cook books can delight us simple folks, and put beautiful meals on our tables. I can follow these recipe to a T, and not feel guilty when I can't find an exotic or expensive ingredient called for in a traditional recipe. This is Martha Stewart --simplified!

This cook book is a must have! There are so many different recipes and everything is pretty easy.

Best, must have cookbook ever!!

Hands down, my all time fave cooking magazine! Recipes are super easy, convenient, and in my opinion low cost. And of course, Declicious and usually healthy!

excellent cookbook! all the info you need!


The recipes in this magazine are quick, easy, and delicious.

Martha Stewart's monthly magazine, Everyday Food, is great as is this book. Simple, clear recipes that teach great techniques while helping you beat the clock. I like that the ingredients are usually very easy to get or ones that are staples yet the recipes offer taste innovations on old time favorites while introducing us to new ones.

great book with great recipes..its something for everybody and easy to prepare..i also like the fact that u have most ingredience on hand and dont have to run to a high class supermarket to find something i never heard of.

This is one of my favorite cooking magazines. I also have the app dowloaded for my iPod. The recipes seem lighter somehow - not like a heavy dinner that would weigh you down for the rest of the day and make you sleepy. There are so many good ideas that I can't get through them all before the next issue arrives. This also makes a great gift for any foodies you might know. Many of the recipes are fresh and new or different takes on classics. A great way to get out of a dinner rut!

I recently was looking for a new cookbook, I love books that tell me how long each step is. I like to know the prep time as well as the time the entire meal takes from start to finish. I was on a Rachael Ray challange with her Orange Book but i got a little tired of the long time some recipes took to make, dont get me wrong i love that book to. Well, I found the Everyday Food cookbook and i love this book too. The recipes seem a bit easier and faster and the food is amazing, in my house its a race between Rachael And Martha. Its hard to see whoes winning because they are both great but im enjoying this book because of the ease of ALL the recipes and everything it calls for is really easy to find in all stores.