Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish

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Very good quality yet again from Sally Hansen. I love the special "salon" brush, it makes it easier to not paint on your skin/cuticles. Very pretty colors and easily available in most stores. Great price, especially when Rite Aid has them on sale! Usually you can get away with one coat.

This polish goes on smooth and lasts between color changes. It is a little more expensive, but it's worth it if I don't have to be bothered touching up chips in the color all the time. For a traditional nail polish (not quick dry) it dries pretty quickly. I've tried the cheaper brands, but they don't compare with the quality of this product.

This polish goes on so easy because it has a unique brush which is round on one side and flat on the other so you can really get a lot of the polish off so no over polishing or dripping. The colors are so solid as well you really only need one coat. And I really love how long I can go with out re-polishing I do a lot with my hands and this polish really holds up. Love this polish I have mudslide, Pure Luck, and Navy Baby all really great.

This polish is without a doubt the best I have ever used! It really does only take one coat...base & top coat are included in that one coat! The unique brush makes it so easy to appy & it dries quickly. Stays shinny until you remove it. I have gotten 4 weeks out of a pedi with this product. I completely stopped going for pedis...there's just no need to have to sit & wait for your appointment when you can do it in a few minutes in the comfort of your own home. That's a tremendous savings right there!!! Look for bogo sales at your local stores...brings the cost down even more! Excellent product!!!!

It's a bit expensive for nail polish, but it's worth it if you can set aside the time for it to dry. The flat tip, wide, and rounded brush is my favorite brush to use out of any brand of nail polish. It chips near the edges, but no big chips have happened to me yet with this polish.

BEST NAIL POLISH EVER!!!! At first I was a little hesistant to get it because of the price, but when the first time I used it, I realized it was COMPLETELY worth the price!! No need for base coat or top coat either, which makes it double the worth! Every time I use it, it stays on for a long time, no matter what I'm doing! When I put it on my toesies, it stay there for MONTHS!!!! Everyone should try/have this!!!

Regardless of the price I absolutely loved it. I got a few shades of the pink and they last. One coat does it and they don't chip off like other polishes. I've had it on my fingernails for about a week and its still not chipped.

Great nail polish! One coat does the trick. It is speedy and pretty! No more messing with a base coat, main coat, and glossy top coat. Not too thick so you don't get any of those tiny bubbles!

I adore this product. It goes on beautifully, dries quickly and lasts. The best part is that you can get away with just one coat. I've tried a few of the fast drying nail pens,etc., this product completely blows them out of the water. Thank you, Sally!

tried the Red shade it stayed on Much longer than other nail polishes out there i normally dont go for red but this one looked so good!

Though it is more expensive than other polishes, this one does take the place of a bottom and top coat so you don't have to purchase those. I have "Commander in Chic" and I love it. This new line from SH has some of the best colors SH has put out yet. The polish on my fingers and toes is over a week old and I have nary a chip and I am rough on mani's and pedi's! Well worth the cost.

I love this product, I was hesitant to buy because of the price, but I love it. The brush is different, much easier to apply polish. I have had this on my toenails and fingernails for about 7 days and it still looks great, no chips!