PopCap Games Plants vs Zombies

PopCap Games Plants vs Zombies

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This is a very fun game, great for killing time. At first I was going to bypass this game but my daughter suggested I play it and I thought it was really cute.

I love this game ... i actually look forward to playing it!

I have this game on my iPod Touch. I freakin' love it. I play it all the time. I especially like the quick play games or bonus games. Great to pick up and play for a few minutes. I do wish that it had a mode where there was no time limit. Just open-ended. That would be cool.

I agree, I love this game! I was hooked the first time I played it..

oh my god i am so in love with this game!! i want to marry this game!! its like crack! i was also all done and then my little cousin messed it up!!!, i wanna buy it again, the cd vertion witht the little doll!!! totally great game! like everyone should get it! and waist your life on it

I bought this game because my son played the trial version somewhere and would not leave me alone about it. I finally caved and let him buy it, and now my entire family is addicted to it! We enjoy many PopCap games, but I think this one is our favorite. The graphics are incredible and, as someone else said, it's never boring.

This is a fun game:)

OMG I LOVE this game. It is so much fun. I would love for PopCap to come out with this for the Nintendo DS. My four year old an I play this all the time...

This game keeps you entertained for hours on end... I have played through the end and have replayed several times. Never boring!

I LOVE this game! It's so much fun. It's a tower defense game where you set up defensive plants to protect your house from zombies! The graphics are wonderful, it's a very creative idea, but it's not terribly challenging so it's great for those who aren't avid computer game players. It has great replay value in that once you complete the "Adventure" part, you unlock mini-games and challenges, a special garden to grow plants, new tools and plants you can buy, and it takes you back through the Adventure part but adds a slight twist! There is also an iPhone version which is almost exactly the same as the computer version, except the mini-games are slightly different and it doesn't have the challenges. It's a great game and well worth the price! It's actually on sale right now for $15 on www.PopCap.com/games/pvz, but you can also buy a CD version at Target.