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  • chatty45 By  chatty45    

    I have been thinking about purchasing a new digital camera but not quite sure what brand name to chose. I really like my Kodak, but I could use a newer updated camera. Its past time that I would replace my Kodak and curious how Nikon brand would function. The past reviews I read were favorable for Nikon, and highly spoken of.

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  • Goldenone By  Goldenone    

    I really like NIKON cameras. This one is nice and compact and does an excellent job of capturing the picture. I d not own one yet, but I will eventually.

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  • rosiejewel By  rosiejewel    

    This was something I just had to get after being on vacation with friends. Its size was neat and color quality of photos was amazing, and to be able to attach to laptop and play back so easily made me purchase it..We have been enjoying taking our granddaughters growing moments.

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  • desiree527 By  desiree527    

    I love the entire nikon coolpix collection. I have a canon digital rebel but when looking for a point and shoot I have the Nikon - and purchased one for my sister in law as well. They are compact, Sleek, rugged, and take great photos for photographers of all levels

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  • rvrsgrl By  rvrsgrl    

    i really love this camera. I had another brand for 2 years and went on a trip with a friend. She had the coolpix and her photos of the exact same things were SO much better than mine. I played around with the touch screen and all of the shooting modes and fell in love. I went out and bought the s400 as soon as we got home from vacation!! I carry it with me all of the time so I always have it when I need to take pics! I LOVE this camera and can't recommend it enough!

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  • XxscenexprncssxX By  XxscenexprncssxX    

    yooooooo!! i have this camera and i love it!!!!!!!!! i wish i can give 10 stars instead. every snapshots are great and pretty.

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  • breath By  breath    

    I bought the Coolpix L22 back in april. I took pictures of my son's senior prom & High School Graduation! The pictures turned out beatiful and this is my favorite buy of 2010 so far.

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  • alexis_michelle By  alexis_michelle    

    i have the S60 model, and i have had it for about 2 years now. its still in GREAT condition works like new. best camera i have ever owned, but my screen got cracked so its in the middle of a repair. oh how i MISS my S60 :(

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  • d1craig By  d1craig    

    I have the S230 model and I love everything about it. It's touch screen, but not complicated at all, it even detects blinking. :]]

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  • Beloved2809 By  Beloved2809    

    I got the newer P90 for Christmas, and I love it! Still learning it, but the hubs did a great job!

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  • tachamot By  tachamot    

    I love this camera. I do photography as a pretty intense hobby and have always prefered my Canon digital SLR 8.2., but I received this pocket camera for Christmas and absolutely love it. It's great for trips, I always have it with me in case something catches my eye. It switches between click and touch screen, has amazing zoom for a little camera, downloads fotos one two three, comes with pretty good software, it great for action shots and does a wonderful job on night shots. I really recommend this for anyone who never wants to go, "I wish I had my camera with me".

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