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  • pure34 By  pure34    

    My skin love this soap. Not greasy and not itchy. Very affordable. A great facial moisturizing bar.

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  • Racingchik44 By  Racingchik44    

    I love this facial bar. I normally just rinse my face but if I notice that my face is breaking out I use it. It works really well on sensitive skin also. It's great that it gets eye makeup off also cause it saves money from buying different products.

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  • umana22 By  umana22    

    I live this bar it leaves my face feeling smooth and acne free. The only bad result is that it causes dry skin and it also semm to melt when in the shower. Overall it is the best facial cleanser I have owned.

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  • mkdsmom By  mkdsmom    

    Love it!! It is not drying or oily. I also love the light sent of Neutrogena products.

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I am 41 one yrs old and have been using Neutrogena facial bar since I was 12yrs old and my dermatologist recommended their produts. They are the best!!!

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  • msofty68 By  msofty68    

    My daughther tried it and she loved it!

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  • Beloved2809 By  Beloved2809    

    This bar tended to dry me out a bit. My skin felt very clean, but with already having dry skin-it made it a bit worse. I had to use extra moisturizer after washing with this.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    This is BEST facial bar on the market, hands down. It works on every skin type without causing dryness but gets rid of excess oil and all traces of makeup. It even works well as body soap if you have sensitive skin. Save your money on fancy cleansers for another pair of shoes and use this soap. The pump form works just as well and doesn't melt in the shower.

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  • glittergoddess By  glittergoddess    

    First let me tell you I have combination skin that's extremely acne prone. I've tried many different cleansers from drugstore to department store brands and including some of the other Neutrogena washes and they always break me out. I've used this bar on again off again for about 4 years now and it always comes back to be my tried and true product. It doesn't smell as it is fragrance free and the packaging is not real pretty to look at but it's very gentle and clears up my breakouts without drying my skin. * caution* do not store in shower as it is extremely water soluble and will melt away.

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