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  • dddinks By  dddinks    

    My dogs find these to be much harder to eat the goodies around the pill and just spit the pill out. So works like a charm for me.

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  • missyneekole By  missyneekole    

    Getting cats to take pillsis HARD, these help a ton!

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  • ClassySassyMrs By  ClassySassyMrs    

    Tried this on my cat when I had to give her pills and she didn't fall for it. She spit out the treat and dug out the pill. It didn't mask the pill flavor for her enough. She did pick at the treat part of it though so there must be a good flavor and taste to it.

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    I have tried the Greenies Pill Pockets Treats, and they work quite well. My dog is not easy to give pills to; he manages to eat everything I have wrapped around the pill and leaving the pill intact. These Pill Pocket treats did the trick, and I will always keep a supply on hand. No fuss-he just ate the treat with the pill inside. A great product!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I have the pickiest dog so it's a 50/50 chance he'll eat it or not. I do love that Greenies help freshen the breath and care for the teeth. That's just awesome for me!

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  • Kelliibean By  Kelliibean    

    Im obsessed with pill pockets! I recommend them to any of my friends that have finicky pets - its safer than using peanut butter or cheese because they're designed specifically for pets. I love that there are different flavor options too. I have a Golden Retriever who HATES to take any kind of pill. These are so fragrant he can't smell a pill and he likes the taste so much he gobbles it up before he realizes there is one inside. The cost is kind of a concern, so we've started buying the capsule size and splitting the pockets in half (he rarely takes anything thats too large for a half a pocket). I've also gotten a bag or two where the pockets have been dried out and crumbly :( the golden can tell there are pills in those.

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  • Remy4891 By  Remy4891    

    The feline pill pockets were very helpful in administering medication to my persnickety kitty. As far as I could tell, he wasn't able to detect the slightest hint of a pill, or if he did, the smell of the duck flavored pill pocket was too much for him to resist. They are worth every penny!

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  • newrichardson By  newrichardson    

    Ok, I have to admit these do work up to a point. I have a larger dog and I had to use 2 for each pill because my dog was smart enough and could smell the pill through the open end of the pocket. It did work but so did anything else in the fridge if I wrapped it well enough. Just not worth the money for me to buy again.

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  • Boxermommie By  Boxermommie    

    My boxer with severe allergies takes his pills in the allergy formula. He gets super excited when he sees me get the bag! They are rather expensive though.

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  • gailgedanspencer By  gailgedanspencer    

    These are the most helpful things ever to get your dog to swallow a pill. My dog will eat them no matter what I stuff inside, in fact, I have to hide them from him or he'll run off with the bag. Here's a little tip -- they're very pliable so you can sometimes use half a Pill Pocket to smoosh around the pills.

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  • orly88 By  orly88    

    A really useful product available in lots of flavors and in pill and capsule shape. The beef canine have been discontinued however. I personally prefer to direct pill and treat after, but these can be a life saver for cats.

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  • karyb72 By  karyb72    

    These work wonderful - They give us the ability to administer my small dog medication without having to crush it. A wonderful USEFUL idea!

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  • kevsma By  kevsma    

    These work wonderful. So much easier than trying to force a pill down a pets throat. Have a dog much to smart for the old mushed up in bread trick. So easy safer an pleasant for the dog and me.

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  • shelly3282 By  shelly3282    

    I had never heard of this before until a vet suggested it. Oh boy. It is amazing. We have one pup who is very, very picky since he has gotten sick off of a lot of different foods and treats. We have finally found an easy solution to get him to take his treats. It's amazing!

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    I love these! My dogs are crazy about greenies, but not so crazy about taking their pills, so this makes it 10 times easier!

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