Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

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I love this perfume! Whenever I wear it everyone asks that it is..... If the perfume is to strong they have it in a body spray body wash and lotion. Bit pricy but they are always having bundling Sales.

This is another one of my favorites from VS. Such a light and delicate scent. My teenage daughter likes this one too.

I love this fragrance, very light & flirty !!

It's not the worst perfume I've ever had, lasts good and has a pleasant smell, just not the best either.

This body spray smells a little too musky in my opinion but it has some nice floral notes that I love, its a great night time scent!

Wish I could give it 10 stars!!

Amazing! This is one of the best smells vs has, its just so fresh and delicious smelling my boyfriend describes it as a yummy scent that just keeps getting better! Ive repurchased this thousands of times and would recommend this to anyone!

When I first put this on it sorta smells like cat pee, but after a minute or two it actually smells pretty nice. I know it's weird but it's too strong when first sprayed.

oh heavens! This is simply just the best product out there! I love this!

Victoria Secret Love Spell is awesome! I have been using it for years and really enjoy the scent.

Omg best scent ever!!! Love it ! The smell last long and it is not a smell that is overpowering it is just perfect.

I really like this perfume and have worn it for years!

Victoria Secret has many good perfumes. I love this one. It has the best scent.

This is my favorite Victoria' Secret body spray! I love the fruity and clean smell a lot; it's my go-to scent :)

I have been using VS Love Spell for well over a decade now. Although the formula has slightly deviated from its original over the years, I still absolutely adore the scent. Also a very reasonable price for the size (and quality) of product.