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  • pook1222 By  pook1222    

    I own the NARS Super Orgasm. I use it when we're going out because it provides a great pop of color. It's very heavy on the "shimmer" and if you're not careful, you'll wind up with the "shimmer" (which really seems to be like a glitter) all over. I love this blush though and whenever we travel, I always throw it into my make-up bag because it's such a great shade.

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    I am a total Nars blush convert. I only buy their brand, in orgasm. The color works for me all year round, and lasts all day. Great amount of shimmer - not too much, but enough to get a great glow!

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  • BeautyByRivera By  BeautyByRivera    

    I love blushes by NARS. They are extremely pigmented so I do recommend them. The problem is the price. You can find cheaper blushes with great pigment.

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  • ericaurr By  ericaurr    

    Nars blush in Orgasm is my favorite. It's a nice blush for everyday wear. It gives a nice glow.

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  • pamela1965 By  pamela1965    

    Nars orgasm is awesome. It is fairly expensive, though, but, as other writer's say : "a little goes a long way" - I like the shimmer, not too much. Overall: a really natural blush, in my opinion. I bought 'super orgasm' for my best friend for Christmas, and it was quite heavy on the 'shimmer' - so it would not be my choice for the work place, or every day use. I'm pretty sure this blush does not come with a blush brush. I wish it did, I keep it in my purse and it's a nuisance to have a separate brush to keep up with.

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  • bell5love By  bell5love    

    I had used Orgasm when I was younger and it was a nice blush that complemented my tone, however, as I got older it no longer did anything for me, so I purchased Deep Throat and it is wonderful. A little goes a long way and lasts forever, it is the perfect color for my pale but olive complexion.

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  • pam_21 By  pam_21    

    i love NARS blush i use it in orgasm i love it wayyyy better than the elf blushes its much more pigmented and just a little goes a long way. :]

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  • Miranda524 By  Miranda524    

    i liked till i went outside--yikes, I was lit up I would LOVE to try turkish delight

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  • Copper313 By  Copper313    

    I have the Nars 'Orgasm' blush and it is expensive and shimmery. But bright side! It lasts forever! and This color specifically is definitley for the younger folks. Nars does have blushes more for an older crowd thats what I like about it; regardless of age they have a color for everyone.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    This blush (and entire line) is too pricey for what you get. It also contains A LOT of shimmer. While it might be good for going out, it is far too shimmery for work. The bad part is, every product in the Nars Orgasm line is full of shimmer. Try Dallas by Benefit or the Physician's Formula line. Their new bamboo line is amazing.

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  • Lashes By  Lashes    

    Amazing color selection! Long lasting with the right tint of shimmer for select colors! Expensive, but lasts for a long time =)

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