Farmville Facebook Game

Farmville Facebook Game

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I love this game, its something I look forward to playing everyday.

While the game can be addicting, it's basically just a waiting game. Between that and having to ask neighbors (friends) to help you complete some tasks, it can be a little boring. However, there is a lot of room for creativity with how you decide to decorate and there are many activities which you can do within the game.

I'm addicted to this game. It takes some getting use to and you have to have friends that play too or you cant really play successfully. I really love this game and it's the best that I have found in this type of game genre.

It is a fun game. But can get boring if you don't have a lot of neighbors to help out by sending you what you need.

I really enjoy facebook games, however the lag that farmville has acquired is very annoying. Also, there are WAY too many things going on at once. As soon as i begin to finish one thing, another building is released. /: Also! the amount of requests needed to do everything is ridiculous! I always feel like i'm bugging everybody when i play. I would recommend it to a friend because it doesn't take energy to do everything, unlike cityville, frontierville, mafia wars, etc. I usually play while i'm waiting for my energy to replenish, if i have nothing else to do. Don't get me wrong, i do like farmville, it's just that its not my favorite

I love this game. I play it everyday even if it is only a few minutes.

I was addicted to this game for over a year and I honestly dont know why!!!

Most addictive game on facebook and probably has the most players. I have seen myself spend hours on facebook just playing farmville and I have gotten my daughter addicted but after a while farmville gets boring after doing the same things over and over,

Addicting. But shouldn't be cnsidered a video game.

I love it!! Been playing since it first launched, it can be addicting at times, just use your time wisely. Every time I start to get bored, they start something new, for i have finish a level over the hundred mark, and looking for the new events they are always doing.

I played everyday for about a year. Very addicting. Fun to play with friends and family. The downside is all the cool items require farmville cash.

I played daily for several months then just grew weary of it. It can, however, be a bit addicting.

I play it everyday!

Farmville is very addicting. At first I liked it alot. Now I am bored with it. They never change anything, the seasons are the same, every year. I was working toward getting level 50, but then it seems like a never ending game.

I never liked Farmville thank goodness, it was very odd because everyother game I played but this one hmmm don't know why oh yes I do....maybe it's because even though I didn't play I would get a bazillion requests for this and that...