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  • jojonic By  jojonic    

    I miss Wegmans. I moved away from the Rochester NY area and we do not have them in the midwest. All their stores are clean and well lit with everything you need. Love and miss the one stop shopping.

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  • jaxgma By  jaxgma    

    Wegman's just opened a store about a half hour from us. It is wonderful!! So many good sales and gret choices!

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    LOVE WEGMANS! Food is fresh and great assortment. I have an advantage because it is close, but would travel even if it wasn't

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I LOVE Wegmans. My husband is from Rochester so when I was living there I went there quite often. I have lived all over the country and this is by far the best grocery store I have every been to. They have everything and the best selection of specialty items. I love it I love it I love it!

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  • lisa_m_lambert By  lisa_m_lambert    

    Best grocery store in the country! Fresh produce and meats, wonderful prepared food, great beer selection, lovely cheese selections and polite employees!

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  • jmedwards64 By  jmedwards64    

    Love, love, love Wegmans. I miss shopping there and hope they will venture south soon!!!

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  • Irishborn By  Irishborn    

    This is a great store. One opened in PA two years ago. They advertised that they had 400 different cheeses. I just had to see it myself. All their produce was very fresh. They had a great selection/variety of any item you could imagine. Their prepared foods looked absolutely wonderful!

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  • ldparrish By  ldparrish    

    Oh My Goodness... this is the best store. I don't mean to sound like a fairytale book but locally I thought we had a great store until I went into the Wegman's in Fredericksburg, VA . I stood in awe at the selections, details, customer service and much more they had to offer. In my opinion, the pricing was fair for the quality you receive. I really don't mind paying a couple of extra cents for something I know that is going to be used or eaten in my house and not wasted. I am still hoping they make their way a little further south to me. I will be more than happy to be a loyal customer.

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  • Shelbs By  Shelbs    

    i dont have any wegmans near me but my brother does. WHenever I visit him my husband and i always offer to go food shopping. It is a great store. really clean and a great selection

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  • dawnepeters By  dawnepeters    

    Best produce ever. Your favorite store.

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  • Poohcifer By  Poohcifer    

    OMG, last week, I went to Wegman's in the DC area with my mother in law and my husband. I loved, loved, loved this store. I only wished that we would have had more time so I could have wandered around and looked at everything more closely. Wow, what a great store. If there was one in N. Atlanta, I would definitely shop there. I now understand why my mother in law loves to shop there - drives 15-20mins to shop there when a Safeway is .25 miles or less from her house.

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  • yogachic By  yogachic    

    Their customer service is fabulous. I find myself going there almost everyday! I too could stay longer - even thought of working there! The staff was so cute dressed up for Halloween. You can tell when people enjoy their work environment. Good vibes! Thanks, Wegmans!

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  • 1SwtWrld By  1SwtWrld    

    I think I could stay in this grocery store for days, the only thing they are missing is a clothing department...love love this place!!!

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  • stashtamer By  stashtamer    

    I love to window shop at Wegmans. I buy groceries there and specialty items and I just enjoy wandering through the store to see what they have. The meats are fresh, the fruits and veggies are fresh. I REALLY like that they carry a wide variety of international foods and other specialty items. The selection of household/kitchen items is also interesting. One more thing makes me very comfortable at this Wegmans, they keep the bathrooms clean.

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    Wegman's is by far the best grocery store I have ever used. I lived in NY as a missionary for several months and shopped at Wegmans all the time in Canadaigua, Newark, etc. The staff was knowledgable, the selection incredible, and the eat-in cafes impressive. My favorite part was that if you bought a cut of meat that you had never used before, for example, you could have someone there cook it for you as you watched. Eat good food, great service, and excellent shopping. I miss it now that I am on the West Coast.

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