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  • shortysr By  shortysr    

    This is great to use when you are wanting to have an odorless area in an emergency (last minute), before guests come over.

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  • pamiamfree By  pamiamfree    

    ???Wow..maybe I got a placebo product to try since it worked about as well as colored water for me!...I noticed no change at all...I decided to try it when I purchased an off-brand of litter. It failed the test miserably. My solution to all litterbox issues (even with multiple cats) is to use Fresh Step Clumping Litter..Clean Box Daily...and about once a week clean entire litterbox with bleach/hot water solution...keeps everything clean, and sanitary..no odors..and no $5 bottle of spray solution necessary...

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  • spring2431 By  spring2431    

    I like this product. It does work and although didnt completely take the cat odor away, it does a good job.

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  • rikkiroo By  rikkiroo    

    It actually does what it says! Eliminates cat urine odor! It doesn't compromise the litter either. Non toxic and non allergenic. Easy to find too. Check your local mass retailer. No need to go the pet store.

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