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  • love2cheer By  love2cheer    

    i would not really recommend anyone to try this product. for one they break to easily. second the color doesnt last at all and third you have to consistly fix you eye through out the day. not even as a base does it. so when you go to they store just keeep walk pass it and forget about it. it just sucks.

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  • RandieConlon1 By  RandieConlon1    

    I was very disiponted in this product. All the adds make the finished look beautiful and make it seem so simple to use. But the end result was not pretty at first after applying and blending forever it looked nice. But half way thru the day I had raccoon eyes. The product did not stay put at all.

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  • samamfee1 By  samamfee1    

    Too damn expensive but I bought them anyway. Big disappointment Bummer.

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  • CrystalAnne By  CrystalAnne    

    Didnt really fall in love with it like I thought I would.

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  • jdeannaw By  jdeannaw    

    The ads look so beautiful! and the colors are gorgeous! And then you buy goes on smooth, you can barely see the color, and then the smooth color clumps into creases and you look like your 12 wearing little girl make up. I bought two different sets. In one of them, both ends snapped off and free float in the caps. I would not recommend buying this. After this, I'm not a fan of cream shadows

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  • nowah2300 By  nowah2300    

    This was an okay product, or to say what is left of my product. The colors are nice, but there is little product in it. Mine also broke maybe after 4 uses. I usually just use it as a base now. USE PRIMER!

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  • kdmmertz By  kdmmertz    

    I received a generous, full-size sample of Covergirl Shadow Blast through their recent promotion. I was excited to try it as I am always looking for products that are a) easy to apply, and b) provide new ways of applying makeup. My review is two-fold because there were things I did like about the product, however the shades that were provided were not necessarily ones that I would ever choose for myself (I received the green/bronze set). I was very satisfied with its ease of use. It glided on fairly effortlessly and didn't feel heavy on my eyelids. There was minimal caking in my creases which was easy fixed with a sweep of a finger. I expected the product to feel a little sticky after experiencing other creme eye shadows, however I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel sticky at all. It was very sheer and felt great. However, the green/bronze did not give me the smoky look that it promised. While the bronze color showed up very well, the green was very slight and barely noticeable. The colors did not really do much to complement my skin tone, and definitely did nothing to make my eye color pop. In this respect I was a tad disappointed. I would've loved to have had the opportunity to choose more appropriate colors as I am sure I would have had a better opportunity to give this product five stars.

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  • JeannaMarie By  JeannaMarie    

    I love this product. I?ll admit that it didn?t give me the Smokey eye I was expecting, but I do like how it looks. They are the only eye shadow I use. They are convenient and there are many colors.

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  • flcnblue By  flcnblue    

    I thought that I would love this product but I am have been sadly disappointed. I tried to give the product a fair run and used my eshadow base under the product and it slid right off my lids and into the crease before I could get the rest of my makeup finished. After reading the other reviews I am goign to see how it works as a lip product so it was not a total waste of money.

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  • avasmommee007 By  avasmommee007    

    I actually use this product more on my lips, but I do use it on my eyes too...the stick, as others have said, DOES break very quickly...I actually am very pleased with the colors offered, and how soft they go on-no electric 80's look, which is what I do not prefer...I had to give it a three though since two tubes have broke so quickly...

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  • Rocker-mom By  Rocker-mom    

    I had an allergic reaction which I thought was seasonal allergies. Burning and stinging occurred in my eyes. Had to keep taking allergy medication. Stopped using the product and symptoms disappeared. Very disappointed as I like Cover Girl makeup. Makeup stick also broke off.

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  • mshebosky By  mshebosky    

    Although this product looked really pretty going on, I starting breaking out from it about two minutes after putting it on. My eyes swelled up so bad I had to take all my makeup off and couldn't put any on for the rest of the day because my eyes hurt so badly. I am terribly disappointed because I was really excited for this shadow. If you do not have sensitive skin, it is a great option. Note* I have never had a break out with makeup before. It looked really pretty but I cannot give it a good review because of how harsh the formula must be. I cannot test to its long-wear affects.

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  • lellybean1119 By  lellybean1119    

    I was really excited when I heard this was coming to the drug store isles. I quickly bought up a tube and gave it a whirl. After fussing with both ends and tugging at my eyelids, I decided to give up. Its not worth it and the color intensity is awful. Don't waste your money.

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  • SheepSnake90 By  SheepSnake90    

    I bought 2 of these. I LOVE them they are simple enough for me to do my make-up in the passengers seat of a moving car which can be a life saver. They have instructions which are easy to understand for those new to using multiple colours and/or cream shadows. The only issue with me is they don't last all day if you don't use an eyeshadow primer. My mascara also started to flake off and stick on my lids thanks to my long lashes after 7-8 hours but that can easily be remedied by using your fave waterproof mascara. All in all it's a cool product I love the colours!

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  • snm009 By  snm009    

    Everything that has been previously said about this product is true! It's basically lipstick on your eyelashes: sticky and gross and creases like nothing I've seen before. I didn't have a problem with color: I found the green and orange to be very pigmented, but it just wasn't worth it. Why the second star? Because it makes a pretty decent primer. I found if you put on the shadow stick first, then topped it with a comparable shade of powder (I've used pink shadow on the orange slick with gorgeous results) it takes away the sticky creasing and your shadow lasts for about 2-3 hours. So if you can't bring yourself to throw it away (I can't, I hate wasting money,) use it as a primer!

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